Walgreens Corporate screwing with employees.

Walgreens is in the process of of changing job titles having employees doing the same work, cutting their pay and changing schedules. If employees don't like it QUIT. This is their main goal make People mad and quit without thinking. This is what Walgreens wants so it can pay their employees $10 an hr. No more Executive or Assistant Managers, store leaders or group leaders. Will have keys to open and close stores, same responsibilites under a new title. Employees can you say UNION-UNION-UNION. or a Civil or Class Action lawsuit. In my opinion Walgreens puts misinformation on it's web site. This is their way to single out and traget employees. The following resources are available to all employees to make sure that they have an effective way to express complaints, concerns or suggestions for improvement. Being able to listen and communicate directly with our employees makes the company stronger and able to respond to issues quickly, without the unnecessary bureaucracy and delay of a formalized grievance process.

Open Door Policy - Walgreens believes in the dignity of its employees and their right to a prompt, equitable and sympathetic review of any question or difference of opinion an employee may have concerning their work situation. Employees may take their questions or concerns to either their direct supervisor or move up through the chain of command to get resolution.

Hotline System for reporting problems and concerns in the workplace - 1-800-666-5677 to call 24 hours a day. A Loss Prevention Supervisor will promptly investigate these types of claims. UNTRUTH

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Jun 23 #998651 Ocala, Florida

In Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico a Pharmacists PR is trying to request a transfer to Pennsylvania and the supervisor does not want to sign her transfer.

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Jun 02 #990853

Completely agree I wish I have my 3 weeks vaca that I earn with all this years I put into this company to just get everything take away from you it suck I waste years of my life in this....t company and that's sad that many employees feel this way about walgreens

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May 09 #981948

I wish we got our vacation and sick days back this pto is a bunch of *** don't you think your loyal long term employees deserve a vacation to where if they want to go out state for a week to see children and grandchildren because of pto I don't get right especially if i been sick and I'm forced to take a few days from doctor there goes my vacation time y'all have have good long term employees but yet y'all continue to treat us like we are dirt under your feet ....the manager assistant manager can go as they please because they are salary what about the little people under them has Walgreen become so heartless that they don't care about their employees anymore alot of us our to old to look for another job we are forced to obey by your laws please take a meeting let us have our vacation and sick days i haven't since pto started and i probably won't get to until i retire which is 20 years from now and my oldest grandson will be 28 yr old i will have missed out on birthday soccer games i think Walgreen has lost it family values i really hope this letter makes a different

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Apr 23 #975661

I hope they fire everyone of the pharmacy people you are a sorry bunch. you treated people like trash and now your time is soon, to be unemployed I hope you try and get a job where I work.I will take all your apps. and throw them in the trash! all of you. that turned. sick and old people away will go to ***. f&&$ you!!!!!!!

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May 12 #983430

You must work at walmart.

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Apr 18 #973622 Nashville, Tennessee

I have been working for Walgreens 15 years and they have done me
real bad for the past year I would like to talk to a Deerfield human
resourse person.
my email janiebatey5441@att.net. This is not a good report but I
do not to go to an attorney!

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Mar 24 #962946 Brooklyn, New York

Walgreens sucks! Don't bother showing up for work sick! Call out. They don't give a flying *** about us. They have this policy now that you have to use your paid time off and frozen vacation time instead of any frozen sick time you might have if you've no sick time left on the books. Then, with the paydate changing, we're getting screwed out of two days pay for two weeks. We didn't make them wait two weeks for our work yet we have to wait two weeks for working two days that they certainly don't appreciate. *** Walgreens!

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Mar 28 #964791

Yes they don't care about Employees anymore never work for this company anymore,its really frustrating.

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Apr 14 #971930 Tampa, Florida

They never paid us for the two days yet. When is it gonna happen.

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Mar 04 #954040 Denver, Colorado

Try why did walgreen change their pAydate from Friday to thursday cut 2 days of worked pay during this and tell us that they had to so that we can get paid sooner. I want those 16 hours we are are all missing up here in mn. Also why are they cutting pay from managers that have been here 10 to 20 years and capping it of at 14 dollars an hour when you *** on top aren't getting threatened, shot at or mistreated but get massive bonuses you don't deserve.

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Mar 24 #962949 Brooklyn, New York

They simply don't give a *** about their employees. Walgreens couldn't care less about us!

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Feb 27 #951854 Nesconset, New York

why i am not getting paid above min. wage after 5 1/2 years of service. every time min. wage goes up i loose my raise. 8.75 hr is what i make. also why does walgreens still pay men more than women, especially when men is hired well after her. i thought that was illegal, he is just a working slob just like the rest of us

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Jan 03 #924893

But you didn't explain to people that Walgreen has been bought by a larger corporation and they are in the middle of merging. This is actually normal process, when two corporation combine. There are lots and lots of changes. It happens in all companies that are combining. Walgreen isn't the first company that this has happen to before. I was headhunted for the corporation I work for now.I use to work for a corporation that was going through a merged with another one and I did like the ethic of the other Corporation it was merging with, but I had to make a choose. Swallow my pride and eat crow or resign from my position. But I got lucky, because a month later I got hedged from that corporation to the one I work for now. So sometime it take patience.

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Apr 15 #972263 Los Angeles, California

The Boots Alliance merger acquisition is what is costing stores their budgets in hours. The Boots acquisition is what is causing 200 US stores to close! Instead of investing in its current stores, which are falling apart from AC ceiling leaks, neglect from lack of maintenance crew cleaning & polishing the floors. The company is putting its employees at risk! Making them take out the trash from the bathrooms which contain Biohazardous materials which pose an extremely potential health risk! I was also at a store which whose stockroom was infested with rats! So not only were the employees at risk, so were the consumers! From the rats rummaging the food, candy, & even pet bays!!! Cost cutting 1.5 billion? It is only a mirage to keep employees from fighting back, when they are slowly being pushed out of work that provides them benefits they thought they deserved..

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Shaking My Head

Jan 03 #924871

I worked for walgreens for 9 years (started as a cashier) and walked away as an ASM because of so many of things everyone here has spoken of. The verbal abuse of upper management was always the worst part for me. I don't believe that you have to "Put on your Bxxch Hat" (as I was told by a community leader more than once) to manage people. I've always been a "do as I do" manager, never asked an employee to do something I hadn't done, wouldn't help them with or wouldn't do myself. I witnessed a store manager physically attack a pregnant, pharmacy patient...over a $2 starbucks drink. He caused this woman physical harm. Of course I opened my mouth and told loss prevention about the incident, thought I was safe in it being anonymous (3 other employees and 2 customers seen it happen as well). The store manager within the week made a point to laugh and brag to me how he got spoken to and sent to anger management classes AGAIN. According to him, it was the 5th time he has gotten sent to anger management classes by walgreens for mistreatment of employees or customers and probably wouldn't be the last. I let the proper persons know about that and all they did was leave me at that store for another week and a half before they moved me to another store...but not before he started verbally abusing me in front of employees and customers with screaming curse words in my face and degrading me by asking me "Are you F-ing ***?? Jesus Chxxst!!". The store they moved me to was 48.5 miles away... Show more

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Feb 07 #942612 Henderson, Nevada

same mistreatment when I worked for them....was a loyal employee, much loved by the customers because I always gave 100% good customer treatment - was fired for helping older people when Mgt refused to come to their aid...manager of store specifically told other mgt not to come when I called for help for customers!! this Mgr flat out told me they'd done so. when I applied for unemployment I was turned down as I didnt request the mgt to help the people ....explained to them I had, over and over again but because of store mgt orders - they would not....which left their customers out in the cold. still denied for unemployment even when I told the whole truth...guess no one cares one iota about decency nowadays!! what goes around comes around...I understand said person got their coming down only a coupla months later - guess God can only stomach seeing their incredibly poor treatment of others just so long Himself!!

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Dec 15, 2014 #916302 Puyallup, Washington

I haven't worked for Walgreens that long. I started at the end of October. I applied for a Team Lead Position (a fulltime role) at $12.00 per hour. They offer me a part time (which they said would turn into full time within 2 weeks). Min. wage to start. I was told that it was mandatory to work on Christmas. No holiday pay. So far, I have had no formal training, although I have been talked down to, constantly, for not knowing how to do things. I have not been given time to do my computer based learning even. I don't see myself staying with this company very long.
Paying minimum wage to employees is one thing. Treating them with little to no respect is intolerable. Shame on Walgreens! I'd rather work for Walmart!

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Oct 03, 2014 #879594 Chattanooga, Tennessee

My husband is currently a pharmacist at Walgreens. With Ebola now in this country and no way to know how many people have come in contact with anyone that came through Dallas, the number could be staggering, how many people expect a pharmacist to do health checks that bring them in contact with body fluids? Would you want to have a family member forced to do this testing? Would you as a customer at Walgreens or any other pharmacy want to be exposed to any fluid that could have been accidently left when the counter was touched? There is no way of knowing if contaminates are deposited where you put your hands. Once you touch the virus and you scratch your eyes or nose or *** YOU FINGER NAILS you are contaminated. If you have even the smallest pin *** of an opening and you touch the virus you are contaminated. Where do your children put their hands? Hand sanitizer is not going to kill this virus so don't even go there. I don't want my husband sick any more then I want to be. I don't want him to possibly spread this deadly disease and I darn sure don't want him doing health checks.

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Sep 25, 2014 #875289

I've worked for walgreens going on nine years. I make a little over $1100 a month. That's poverty level. We get *** for raises . 20 cents. We get no bonus but I bet corporate get more than 20cents raise . They also get a bonus . You don't care about your employees. We are the workforce for the company, we help the coustomers . You don't . We deal with management treating you like your *** and don't know anything. But they are wrong. And the open door policy is a lie . I have delt with them before and they told the manager I was the one who called. It was *** from then on out . This is a billon dollar company and you could care less about the people who work in the stores for you . We LIVE in poverty. But you don't care . The rich get ticher and the employees suffer for it.

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Dec 17, 2014 #917419

This is a $76 billion dollar company and the management could care less about you.
Employees are treated like nothing but an expense to be minimized on the ledger sheet.

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