Walgreens Corporate screwing with employees.

Walgreens is in the process of of changing job titles having employees doing the same work, cutting their pay and changing schedules. If employees don't like it QUIT. This is their main goal make People mad and quit without thinking. This is what Walgreens wants so it can pay their employees $10 an hr. No more Executive or Assistant Managers, store leaders or group leaders. Will have keys to open and close stores, same responsibilites under a new title. Employees can you say UNION-UNION-UNION. or a Civil or Class Action lawsuit. In my opinion Walgreens puts misinformation on it's web site. This is their way to single out and traget employees. The following resources are available to all employees to make sure that they have an effective way to express complaints, concerns or suggestions for improvement. Being able to listen and communicate directly with our employees makes the company stronger and able to respond to issues quickly, without the unnecessary bureaucracy and delay of a formalized grievance process.

Open Door Policy - Walgreens believes in the dignity of its employees and their right to a prompt, equitable and sympathetic review of any question or difference of opinion an employee may have concerning their work situation. Employees may take their questions or concerns to either their direct supervisor or move up through the chain of command to get resolution.

Hotline System for reporting problems and concerns in the workplace - 1-800-666-5677 to call 24 hours a day. A Loss Prevention Supervisor will promptly investigate these types of claims. UNTRUTH

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Dec 15 Puyallup, Washington

I haven't worked for Walgreens that long. I started at the end of October. I applied for a Team Lead Position (a fulltime role) at $12.00 per hour. They offer me a part time (which they said would turn into full time within 2 weeks). Min. wage to start. I was told that it was mandatory to work on Christmas. No holiday pay. So far, I have had no formal training, although I have been talked down to, constantly, for not knowing how to do things. I have not been given time to do my computer based learning even. I don't see myself staying with this company very long.
Paying minimum wage to employees is one thing. Treating them with little to no respect is intolerable. Shame on Walgreens! I'd rather work for Walmart!

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Oct 03 Chattanooga, Tennessee

My husband is currently a pharmacist at Walgreens. With Ebola now in this country and no way to know how many people have come in contact with anyone that came through Dallas, the number could be staggering, how many people expect a pharmacist to do health checks that bring them in contact with body fluids? Would you want to have a family member forced to do this testing? Would you as a customer at Walgreens or any other pharmacy want to be exposed to any fluid that could have been accidently left when the counter was touched? There is no way of knowing if contaminates are deposited where you put your hands. Once you touch the virus and you scratch your eyes or nose or *** YOU FINGER NAILS you are contaminated. If you have even the smallest pin *** of an opening and you touch the virus you are contaminated. Where do your children put their hands? Hand sanitizer is not going to kill this virus so don't even go there. I don't want my husband sick any more then I want to be. I don't want him to possibly spread this deadly disease and I darn sure don't want him doing health checks.

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Sep 25

I've worked for walgreens going on nine years. I make a little over $1100 a month. That's poverty level. We get *** for raises . 20 cents. We get no bonus but I bet corporate get more than 20cents raise . They also get a bonus . You don't care about your employees. We are the workforce for the company, we help the coustomers . You don't . We deal with management treating you like your *** and don't know anything. But they are wrong. And the open door policy is a lie . I have delt with them before and they told the manager I was the one who called. It was *** from then on out . This is a billon dollar company and you could care less about the people who work in the stores for you . We LIVE in poverty. But you don't care . The rich get ticher and the employees suffer for it.

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2 days ago

This is a $76 billion dollar company and the management could care less about you.
Employees are treated like nothing but an expense to be minimized on the ledger sheet.

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ONE goal ONE team

Sep 20

This company has taken away all the benefits sick days ,bonuses and all other perks the CEO is a *** bag but if every employee from the stores to the DCS plan a national walk out day and put pressure to have the CEO resign it can work especially with national media coverage. IF anyone knows how to star a petition on line to plan this I would be happy to sign as well as my co-workers. we are in the process of forming a union. we have the power but have to stick together even a class act laws suit for unfair labor practice ,maybe we don't win but the pressure would force this *** bag to step down.

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Oct 03

I know a lot that will support you. If you post a petition on FB or privately contact pharmacists in several stores I know of we will help you. I check this sight almost daily. Reply to post above Susan Chattanooga TN. Post is about Ebola and health testing.

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Sep 13 Grayslake, Illinois

walgreen is the worst company to work for. i am an sfl. the last meeting i went to. i had to seat down and listen to people from corporate telling me how i am not a manager yet i am expected to be doing manager works. that's their way of telling you that although as an sfl you doing all the managers work but the don't have no intention to pay you the decent salary that you deserve. they don't have any consideration for their employees. i went to work last night to find out that i have been transfer the next day to another store. without any notice or reason on why i have been transfer.

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Sep 04 Anchorage, Alaska

I have worked for Walgreens 8 years in those 8 years I've had 10 different store managers. I started as a cashier and am now an ASM. I have gotten good yearly reviews around 3.5 until this year with a new manager a 29 yr old male,fresh out of his momma,s house. I work in Alaska and in the past couple months all the managers I've worked with have moved back to the lower 48. Giving me no chance at a good review. So I have to take a 7$ cut in pay. I gave my 2 week notice. I ask all people who read this to go to a different store. Walgreens will *** over.

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Sep 02

back to school...avoiding illness that may cause meningitis and death, lice control is mandatory in all school children. walgreen has new task pharmacy directors 2014 any prescription department with just one lice seen at a distance by diresctors suspension of unclean pharmacy personnel. good example for the the world who susoend directors with more than one lice if they can not see themselves. take action before you get suspended bias the rx is rid shampoo you get generic lotion by technitians bye bye lice no one really saw and bye bye job who train them to diagnose if the job is to fill doctor orders

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Aug 14

Are there any Whse people in here. The store have issues, but you have not heard anything until you hear what's happening in the DC's. There's not much left to take.

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Just Saying

Aug 14

Sounds like the company has some unhappy employees.

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Aug 11

I would dare anyone in district to work at their stores in the pharmacy for one month. Not as an extra but on actual workflow and complete all that is expected senior tech style. Good luck because your senior techs are not getting the job done these days. Staff cut way to much and its going to back fire soon.

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Sep 25

I totally agree. No one else in the pharmacy really cared to get it done because they knew, I, he senior tech, would get the blame for anything not finished. I had enough and after 20 years quit!

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No need

Nov 13

I am with u! Long time certified tech and u work by yourself with maybe 2 techs for an hour or so and then they expect you to fill 500 scrips get no breaks "even tho u know u can take one" yeah right! And then come back to even more disgruntled customers! It's bs and then u read that they make 6 billion in last quarter profit when they didn't give us our raise on time and cut ours even more with it being flu shot season. I don't have to have a masters in analysis to see the profit projects because of course if u cut hours across the board ur going to make profit. They used to be Americas number 1 pharmacy when I first started and now they just hope u stay well what a crock!

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Jul 14

I heard an employee in my store talking about a friend from another store having to use a ladder to get high up merchandise and stock. She was telling me that Walgreens has been told several times the ladder needs replacing. It's being held together with duck tape. If anyone falls and the ladder crumbles I wonder if Walgreens is going to sweep the entire ordeal under a rug and fire the employee. The store in question is the 24 hour store in Fort Oglethorp GA.

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SFL slave-for-less

Jul 12 Madison, Wisconsin

What a crime for a wealthy company like walgreens to create the SFL position - SFL's are expected to be managers & run the store doing 99% of the work starting at the high salary of $11/hour. It's insulting & degrading to call these hard-working staff "floor leads!" They are also on-call during non-business hours when a store alarm is triggered. My manager has their cell phone off so walgreens security ends up calling one of the SFL's to come in at 3 am, thanks so much walgreens! No wonder the interviewee for a SFL position walked out the other day when they heard what was expected of them for $11/hour.
The company is a great example of modern greed & fascism!

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Jul 11

OK so someone doesn't want the truth to get out. I posted a comment about DM in Chatt and it's gone. I said it's not how you do in job performance it's who you do or who's doing you. Ask BB from Chattanooga district office he knows his way around.

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not telling

Aug 11

WOW laid it right out there...That's what every store in his district talks about. how funny

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