San Diego, California
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used wster hose for one month and now leaks like crazy no preasure

throughout the hose at all so I tried my other water hose the ssme thing

occured I have attached pics showing the leaks on both hoses.I checked the hose for connection concerns but I noticed nothing wrong so I tried again and again and still no pressure throughout the hose so I turned it off and called the complaint

line regarding the defective hoses that I paid 20 dollars a piece for I am more and more leary now of buying anything from an infomercial since this product has costs

me 40 dollars that I could have used on a legitimate product that would have worked

like it was designed to do.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Has nothing to do with Walgreens. That would be an issue you need to tale up with the As Seen On TV company.