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I ordered contact lenses for the first time on April 4 , it took 10 days to get them...i could have drove to Chicago and picked them up in 2 days !!! Back to Discount Lenses even if it costs $5.00 more!!!! I wish i had read the complaints on Walgreens had no idea they were such an incompetent company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Place your order where you have plenty of time. Quit expecting everyone to jump to your needs.


You are totally correct. Walgreens should have sent them IMMEDIATELY.

You should go to CVS. I hear that they have TOTAL control of the mail service AT ALL TIMES to ensure you will get your contacts supremely timely.


LOL! I used to send friend postcards from all of the cool places that I used to travel too.

After I would get home from my trip and would be hanging out with them, they would go pick up their mail and hold up the postcard that I had sent them. I would make it home before the postcard did!