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Walgreens in Boulder, Colorado - No sales price without store card

I go into my neighborhood Wallgreens nearly every week, looking for sales items. Today I go in and pick up a bag of almonds on sale at $4.99. I get to the register and learn that you have to have a store card in order to buy sale priced items! What if I don't believe in giving out my personal information to each and every store in town? I hate this policy. It's an invasion of privacy and a bad way to do business. The cashier didn't apologize for any inconvenience. Wallgreens just lost a sale and a customer.
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the point is, why should the cards be mandatory? if you think that it is a good idea, then fine, get one and use your silly points and stuff, but i dont want another goddamed card and i dont want to give out my phone number (its required.

besides, since when is it a given that you have to "belong" to a store to get their best prices?

i simply just want the best price that they can offer and then i will keep on coming back. what is wrong with that?

i dont need my demographics catered to. i happen to think that one of the most irritating things in this this world is when an automated system tries to second guess me


I was in a Walgreens store today and picked up a couple of sale items and they were rung up at full price. The cashier was a little rude as I questioned it.

I walked out disgusted and won't return there...............ever.

That is just WRONG and BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!! plain and simple!


This Pharmacy does not fill prescriptions correct amount of pills for my mom did not match label. have called 3 times to see when another one was ready and every time have gotten a different story.

when I have spoke to the pharmacist him self he is very rude and short with customers. Pharmacist told us the date it would be ready this is 3 times of calling and called on the date would be ready. then informed me that there was no refill after 4 time of calling.when previous 3 times there was. In my honest opinion seems like pills are coming up missing.

the Dr. we were using said that the pharmacy was incorrect and that the was a refill there. as of now still NO medicine. and Dr.

advised us to change Pharmacy's to assure to get prescription. So never again will I use this pharmacy. I think they need better education or more drug test for employees.

Have now changed to CVS say will get medicine in the morning. due to today being a Sunday :(


The stores advertised the cards for over 6 months before they ever implemented the program. Cry me a river.


*** lady. why cant they just have good prices and leave it at that?


The thing most of these people do not realize is that the card is actually there for their benefit. By getting a card, you not only recieve the sale items, but coupons and perks as well.

And what does the company do with your personal information? Nothing. They use the card to see what items are popular enough to put on sale. Its to help the customer.

Unfortunatley, ignorant people think "the government is watching what they buy", or some crazy nonsense like that. Just get the *** thing, it's not hard at all. And if you don't want to give out your phone number, just make one up.

It's as easy as that. ***


I, too, was denied purchase unless I gave my phone # for a "card". This is discrimination.

Either I HAVE a phone, or I cannot buy anything on sale with my HONEST, hard-earned $. And just HOW the HECK DOES Walgreens USE my phone #?????? To SELL? To call me at all odd hours with a survey.

WHY is my honest money NOT good enough to buy something on SALE!.???? THe manager came over and used his card to swipe and told ME that I WAS NOT WELCOME BACK to buy anything on sale unless I disclosed my phone #! AND he had the GALL to tell me it was just like going to a BANK getting a credit card! NOT!

AND, the manager on South BLVD in Charlotte, NC told me that EVERYBOdy is doing "it". He would have made a GREAT NAZI. A woman living at a shelter, needing to buy children's cough medicine will be DENIED a SALES price because she has no phone???!!!! A confidential informant against the cocaine trade is DENIED a sales price because he wont give out a personal phone #???

A battered wife with a protection order cannot get aspirin on sale without giving her phone # to WALGREENS? AND the ENTIRE STATE of South Carolina just had their tax info hacked...HOW hard would it be for this battered woman's ex to *** into WALGREENS and do a reverse look up of where she is now located??? SUE SUE SUE.... DISCRIMINATION!!!

People without phones, or who consider their phone # privATE...cannot buy aspirin on sale...but at WALGREENS.... a drug cartel member can buy whatever he wants and give a throw away phone #. I'd like to give the phone # to the FBI and have the FBI get all of WALGREENS survey calls! I could LIE about my phone #,......

but that is NOT the point! NOBODY should have to first...HAVE a phone...SECOND...GIVE AWAY their privacy and phone buy aspirin/batteries, whatever on sale. Walgreens....I HOPE when your CEO's die and meet St.

Peter, HE asks for YOUR card of the corporal works of mercy, and when you tell St. Peter YOU don't have one, you get sent to Gehenna.


Wow! Just make up a phone number! DUH!


Go every week. Daughter also shopped only there past 4 yrs in college in another state.

I stopped in today just for medicine since I prefer shopping there over Walmart. I spent an hour finding great clearances for Christmas. ( NOT reward program se items but orange shelf tag clearances) Got to register & cashier rang up all @ full price stating they no longer allow anyone without a card to get any sale OR clearance prices. The manager came over & agreed.

I left it all on the counter- $75 worth. Poof there goes my business.


'Not sue why stores do not think of it make the sale at the price they are willing to make or lose the sale and the customer!! I have to wonder who is managing these stores.

When you travel you may not have the stores (valued customer card) I have never been in a store that the clerk didn't use a generic card to make sure I did not walk out of the store without my purchases!! Bad management is all I can say,


For us to use a "generic" card would be considered stealing since you can earn points on some items. Just get the card! Use a fake phone number if your are worried "big brother" is watching.


Sorry but the adsfor their sales items clearly state a card is needed. You like many others are to foolish to not read ads properly.

No big surpise here! :cry :cry :cry I am sure they will miss your business!

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I reside in St. lucie county FL and my physician resides in Kissimmee FL. I cannot fill my prescriptions at any Walgreens because my doctor is located in Kissimmee FL and i am located in Ft. Pierce FL. I need help please from any one that can help me rectify my problem. I need my medication for multiple health that i have. I have spoken to several corporate and district Walgreens persons and they all say the same thing. There is nothing that they can do! It is suppose to be up the Pharmacist discretion whether they will fill the rx or not. By the way, this medication is not related to the oxycodone epidemic...Whether its a attorney i need to obtain or a News Broadcast, I will make sure that this problem gets out to the public!
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Must be a controlled substance. No pharmacy has to fill any script they feel is not legitimate.

If your physician has a habit of writing bogus oxy or roxie scripts no one will fill them. Perhaps you should fill the script in Kissimmee since your doctor is there.

Or find another physician close to your own home. Taking a narcotic to a pharmacy to another county to fill is a dead giveaway of abuse and no pharmacist with any sense will risk his license or freedom for it.


pain pills being denied for customers that need them to make it to cancer treatments /radiation treatments is just crazy you can defend all you want. But it is just wrong on all levels!!

This a a domino effect based on the pain pills !!! WRONG ON ALL LEVELS


Really, does anyone in Florida not know about the "Pill Mills" in the state. Walgreens is just protecting their permits/license.

If your MD has a history of over prescribing narcotics then the pharmacist is well withing their rights to refuse to fill a prescription. I bet this was not a hypertensive or diabetic medication.

I am not defending Walgreens, believe me I have many issues with their corporate structure. I am however defending the profession of pharmacy to use good sound medical judgement to help patients with medical issues.


Again seems like bad management all around at WALGREENS.. They must not be making enough money on your prescriptions to want to fill it!! Which I would say started with the pain pills Domino effect!!


why don't you just go to another pharmacy? Why does it HAVE to be walgreens?

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Walgreens in West Warwick, Rhode Island - Walgreen - No card, No sale price ---NO Business

Walgreens just lost my business. Tired of these stores who won't give you the sale price without a store card or wellness cards with drugstores. You know insurance companies will be using the purchase habits on these cards to determine your premiums. Buy your wife or mother a boxof chocolates and you appears that you consume unheathy foods. All this marketing info that is gathered is sold. Do you really want everyone to know our personal business. As it is Google knows more about the average person than that persons spouse.... I'll just stick with CVS, they will scan they own card so you get the discount.
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So you don't mind CVS having your personal information for their card, but Walgreens is somehow a scammer for wanting the same? ***, they have the same sales program. Tons of stores use the rewards card program.


I have the card and the prices are much better also got free stuff because of the card. HAVING SAID THAT POOR MANAGEMENT LOSING A SALE OVER NOT HAVING A CARD.

they should have a generic number card at al the stores to put in for the CUSTOMERS that do not have the card.

they would be losing nothing and gaining the sale. MANAGEMENT WHERE ARE YOU!!!

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Walgreens in Tampa, Florida - I'm a happy customer

After being a Walgreen customer for years I had to change due to insurance reasons. Several members of my family were employeed with Walgreens. My husband was loss provention. Today, I told the store mgr. that she and CVS has converted me! They were very helpful and took time from putting away the totes to give me some advice. I know that is suppose to be their job but more and more it is hard to find customer service. This is a good store with good people and they need an atta-boy at Lumsden and Providence in Brandon, Fl.
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Walgreen's is advertising that they will give you $25 per new prescription that you transfer to them. Switched 6 from CVS to Walgreens .... with the expectation of 6 $25 Walgreen cards as clearly stated in their ad. Small print says that people on Medicare, Medicaid...
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Is your BCBS a Medicare replacement plan or a Medicare HMO? If so, then yes, it is MEDICARE & Walgreens is correct.

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Walgreens in Brainerd, Minnesota - Forced me to register to see my photos on CD

We ordered development of our grandbaby's pictures on print and CD. We wanted to share the images electronically with family and friends. The CD would not open unless we downloaded Walgreens software on our computer. Then it wouldn't let us see the photos until we gave them personal information and registered with Walgreens for an account we will not use. Then the software wouldn't let us download the pictures anyway. What a rip off!!! It is not fair for them to force anyone to give them personal information and access to their computer and email accounts for something we already paid for.
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Are you *** or u don't know how to run a computer or worst case both! U don't have register to see ur images!

I know this I work there and have had images burned to a cd!

I suggest u get computer lessons! And stop complaining!

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Walgreens pharmacy dirty carpet

I have 17 years my auto repair shop,the carpet at the garage office is clean compared to the carpet floor in the 600 Newark Ave. in Elizabeth N.J. Walgreens Pharmacy Office for place and or pick up your medicines orders. The carpet over the employees are working is very dirty ,in some places it is imposible the see the color blue original,is filty greese black color . In several oportunities I spoke with the employes and they insist that they don't have nothing to do with the floor cleaning and service in the building of the pharmacy
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Get a life! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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Walgreens Palm Beach Blvd Ft Myers Fl

Worst customer service and employees in one place in all my 57 years. In extensive line chk out. Wrote chk for mere 26$ was told loudly by teen punk cashier my check not good. Asked to re run- no- call mgr- no- said put things back. Paid cr crd. He voided my check and NEVER RETURNED TO ME- nect day spoke asst mgr. gave bank read out proving2,000$ + in acct. never a call or apoogy. Same store got 259.00$ presc for my cats asthma med that was defective cannister- told me to take it up with mfgr!! Not their prob!!! Also got a generic script that did not work prior ( diff feom past ref) before accepted asked for one of OTHER MANY GENERIC of this med that recieved prior- again NO AND PHARM TECH HAD TO BE A ZOMBIE- not nice barely understandable AND RUDE!! All in one BACK WOODS RED NECK LOW LIFE STORE!!!
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Who wrote this a 5 year old?

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Pissed Walgreens Customer

I just left a Walgreen's store #04528 in riviera. that the manager well asst Mgr refused a return. My father suddenly passed away so i decided to return 2 cosmetics that were purchased a week ago. It was a total of $11+$4= $15 + tax just two items still sealed and smethg they carry in this store. The items were bought in a delray store w a debit card by my boyfriend. I live 45 min away. So my refund would've been under $20 dollars i was told i HAD TO PRODUCE THE DEBIT CARD OR NO REFUND NOT EVEN STORE CREDIT! I'm so pissed once again at this store i have even pulled my rx bc of rude and unfair customer service. He told me i would have to drive to get my boyfriend and then he'd get the refund. I wldve taken a store credit. I'm in the middle of a crisis and he was rude not helpful and didnt offer up their store return policy. I used to love this store now i'm fed up. I Was just trying to get my son diapers so i had enough $ to buy a dress for my fathers memorial service. I left in tears.
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Did you have a receipt with the return? If yes, then it should not have been a problem.

If No, the store credit should have been issued.


I thought the cosmetics were her dads?


Holy heck what a ***.


Such a sad story. walgreens is not filling prescribed pain meds for cancer patients. just crazy stuff at this company


What difference does it make if your father passed away in order to decide to return some cosmetics? Were you only going to use them around your father?

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Walgreens treating long time customers like they are garbage

My husband is terminally ill and has knee problems and two slipped discs in his back. We have been filling his pain medication at Walgreens for the last four years. About six months ago, our pharmacist, who has always been very kind to us and treated us as customers should be treated, told us she couldn't fill my husbands' pain medication any longer. No warning, no explanation, just - "We can't fill them". Now, my entire family has been using Walgreens since they opened in Tampa. She wouldn't tell me where I could fill them or try to help me in any way. Now, I understand the "pill mill" capital is right here in Tampa, but my husband is 62 years old, on disability and has many medical problems. Are these people not trained to tell the difference between drug seekers and people who have severe problems and pain? I can't find his medication anywhere and in the meantime, he is pretty much confined to bed. At least with the medication he could get up and move around and have some what of a normal life. I'm afraid that he is going to become depressed and never be able to have any kind of normal life. Is there anyone out there that has any suggestions as to what I should do or where I could go to get help? Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Meijer Customer Service Saves The Day After Surgery

January 14, 2013 By Laura Northrup from the consumerist

(Meg Marco)

Amanda was exhausted, after dealing with her mother’s post-surgery care and bringing her home from the hospital. Neither of them anticipated that the biggest problem would that day be with getting her post-discharge prescriptions filled. One of the medications was more obscure than she had imagined. They visited three different pharmacies in their rural area and were ready to give up hope when they finally visited the pharmacy at the local Meijer. They had the drugs! For $250! Oh, no.

I just wanted to let you know about an act of remarkable customer service.

I brought my mother home from the hospital today — she’d had surgery on Tuesday, and I’ve been exhausted trying to manage her care. When I finally got her today, they gave me a packet of what I was to learn were esoteric prescriptions (that included her painkillers), and didn’t let her out until 4:30 p.m.

As we live in a rural area, we drove home (1.5 hours), and I left for the nearest pharmacy that was open after 6, which is approximately a half hour drive away. Got to the pharmacy at 6:30; the pharmacist took one look at the top prescription, basically said, “NOPE!” and referred me to CVS. Repeat procedure at CVS, to Walgreens. Repeat again. It is now 7:15, and I threw my hands up and went to Meijer, a regional department store, in [redacted], MI. They closed at 9 p.m.

They HAD THEM. I was thrilled — but my standards were pretty low by that point. Dropped them off, was told that they were slammed tonight and that the prescription would be ready in 40 minutes.

Got back at 8 p.m., they told me the total ($250) and asked if I had Mom’s prescription card. I did, or so I thought. They took one look at it and said no, that it wasn’t. Her employer had apparently just switched things around, and instead of the number being on her card like it used to be, she had a new one that she didn’t realize was a prescription card.

That could have been the end of it. They could have told me to stick it, to go home and get the card — even though that would have gotten me back to town after 9. I was wide-eyed thinking I was going to have to travel even farther away to a larger city to find a different pharmacy to fill her prescription. But they were absolutely amazing. They said they’d take the numbers over the phone — and even though my phone was dead from using GPS all day to get to and from the hospital, they let me use their phone over the counter for what was not a local call.

Unfortunately, despite Mom having a major insurance provider, her employer apparently has some sort of equally esoteric prescription drug plan, and the number had a bunch of 0s and Os and 1s and Is that looked similar and that we apparently mixed up over the phone. The pharmacist spent more than half an hour of plugging different combos into the computer before she finally called Mom back, asked for the customer service number, and worked with the customer service rep for another ten minutes to make sure it was all taken care of.

Past closing, they had it sorted out. Cost to me? $35. I am one very, very relieved and elated customer, and my mom got her pain meds. They really went above and beyond helping to make sure she didn’t have to go without until tomorrow when I would have more time and freedom to track down her medications.

I realize a lot of this was our fault as annoying customers that didn’t have our stuff sorted out, but Meijer came through for me in a major way even when I had mucked things up through my misunderstanding and stress.


Would definitely let his doctor know about this. We too, have this problem in Maine, we were forced to use Walgreens when our regular pharmacy's system was down, it was like we were criminals.

Hate Wagreens pharmacy. Does your husband have any kind of homecare? The nurse will help you with this. Also ask for the supervisor at the Walgreens and file a complaint.

It is ridiculous for pain patients to be denied their meds, it has happened to us, it's horrible to see your loved one writhing in pain because of their idiocy. I would DEMAND an explanation as to why they will not fill. Your hub has rights and they are denying them.

Stay strong and stick up for yourself! And definitely get your doctor involved.


It is all over the internet how WALGREENS IS DENYING filling prescription for PAIN PILLS. They want ill patients to suffer because they are not making enough money off of the prescriptions.

WALGREENS bottom line is more important that the most weak in our society. Cancer patients need medications to get up out of bed everyday. Some days more pills are necessary to make it to RADIATIONS APPOINTMENTS. Some days more pills are needed to make it to CHEMO treatments.

What quality of like do they get if the very pills that they need to stay out of the hospitals are denied to them.

This is just terrible and happening to the weakest/sickest for the BOTTOM LINE of walgreens. Just terrible


What does it say on his pill bottle? Does it say anything about refills?

Also you could talk to his doctor. There has to be a reason, you do realize that some pain medications are only to be taken for a certain amount of time, don't you?


Bring him to the hospital they will get you the pills that he needs. Just terrible.

Seems to be happening not sure how a Pharmacy company can decide who need pills and who doesn;t!!

Cancer patients have to deal with this and they really can not they prey on the weakest among us!! Until they have these terrible things happen to them or a loved one they have no clue.

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