Stafford Springs, Connecticut
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A phaermacy that cant do thier job right and the help is rude to boot.How can people be allowe to work in a pharmacy and totally disregard or give pertinent info to the consumer.A 20 minute wait turned into a 1 hour and 30 minute waste of time with no one filling me in on what the issue was.I used to frequent Walgrens but will not be doing that in the future.Disrespectful employees are not polite or informative at all.The only grace that store has was the team Lead who stepped in and got me set.As for the staff at the pharmacy-NO professionalism..

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I *** with dogs.


Please excuse my previous comment. I myself am a child and should learn to shut my ignorant mouth.


Might want to see a doctor about getting the correct dosage, or not mix it with alcohol?

You type as if you're slurring your words. Its weird.


I agree with the comments above.... first look at yourself.

Have you always been a perfect employee? Don't know why people think that going to pharmacy to get prescriptions is just like going to get candy. There is a lot more to what you see from other side of the counter plus pharmacy has 300 to 400 other patients to take care of. Why don't you ever go and yell at your doctor for prescribing u what you are allergic to or not writing everything what is required or giving u duplicate medications, you wont do that because your doc will kick you out .......

right!! Think before u complain and check the spellings too.

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