I tried to refill prescription and the pharmacist told me that I could not refill it until 3 days later. Now...

they make me feel like I'm some kind of drug junky. I found a number of complaint people had made with the same issue. Somebody is sophisticated enough to still pills. I picked the medication 3 days later, so they tell me that they go by purchase day.

well, now I see a conspiracy. It just happened to be the same exact number of days with missing pills before picking up the prescription. Somebody is stilling or somebody need to go back to school and take a math remediation class so they can learn to count.

More likely... Somebody is still it and costumers are paying the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I have to sell mine just to afford them, anybody need some?

every other month I come up 2-3 short of my 40mg oxys thats a whole lot of money to me as much as they cost.Wallgreens is the worst


I had 10 missing from my controlled substance and it was no big deal to them but I got them back I was going no where without them I knew the one who try to take them. In the past I had thought some were missing but I couldn't prove it and I live alone!

My doctor says he hear's it all the time. I now count it right in front of them and remind them you guys shorted me before!


It is steal not still.


Thank you it was bothering me to.


Ive had the same problem with walgreens.Last month I was short 2 40mg tablets of oxycodone, I cant afford to give them free pills every other month let alone pay a few hundred bucks for the meds. Someone needs to make a group to identify which stores are doing this and report them.


I was told the last 3 times I had my oxycodone filled that it was too early and to wait several days. The last time the wife had them filled, she had the pharmacist pour them out on the table and count them! It was 25 pills short!


My gosh you need to lay off the drugs - your paranoid and high.