Atlanta, Georgia
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This is one of several times I have received only a partial order even though I got a call saying my prescription was ready. This time I got 5 out of 90.

A week I went back. Still on backorder. That had 60 in stock but I could not have those. But from nowhere I got 5 "FREE" pills to tide me over.

Today I got then the "completed" order: 75, not 85. The bill was for the full 86. I was told they only gave me 75 since I had already received an advance of 10. 90-10= 75?

So I have received 85 pills including 5 "FREE" ones. I have paid for 90.

At $4 per pill plus $30 in millage plus $8 in whisky (to bring my blood pressure down), my costs re $75 The worst part was the lack of any hint that there was anything that could be done. Goodbye Walgreen

Monetary Loss: $75.

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You could have saved your self eight dollars

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