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I live in Round Lake Beach, IL and have a Medicare and United Health Care supplementary prescription card, as well as a BC/BS supplementary card. Last fall K-mart closed and forwarded my prescriptions to a United Health Care preferred pharmacy - Walgreens at 305 W. Rollins Rd., Round Lake Beach, IL. After going through all the problems and documents involved in this transfer of prescriptions (7 in all, I believe), I encountered, again today, another problem with filling my prescription for the Contour test strips for daily testing of blood sugar for diabetes. A few months ago I went inside the drugstore and supposedly took care of giving the pharmacist all the info and documents needed to get this refilled with no copay. Had no more problems until today, July 17, when I was charged a copay again. I picked up 5 prescriptions and believing there was no reason for error, waited until I got home to check on everything. On noticing the copay, called asked to talk to the pharmacist (since the clerk/tech said she would transfer). A pharmacist technician took my call saying that he was the person handling these complaints. He said this is all my fault (time and effort on both our parts) because every time I have this prescription refilled I need to specify that it should be put thru Medicare AND BC/BS if there is to be no copay. With all the computer programming they still can't program this to be done automatically.

This is one of many problems I have had with Walgreens since January. Friends tell me they use other locations here in the area and have not experienced a problem, but have heard others complain of this drugstore.

You have a drive thru for pickups which would not be time saving if customers took time to check every prescription and copay before paying. There were 3 cars lined up in back of me today and not very comfortable weather wise. I am 81 years old and the computer in my brain will try to remember one more thing Christopher told me to do. This prescription is filled every 3 months and I have made notes on the prescription box telling me what I have to do.

My suggestion is that your headquarters/computer experts should be able to make this automatic for doctors and their patients. My doctor also complained that Walgreens would fax a request for authorization to refill but doc's office fax machine would print out a blank. Neither knowing what was happening and the patient therefore not getting a refill -until I became involved and discovered the problems - after being days without my prescription. You offer an automatic refill -but how would that work with all these "qlitches" in your program.

I will continue trying to find the name of your corporate officers and get this complaint directly to them. Maybe AARP or United Health Care can be of some help. CHANGES TO IMPROVE SERVICES NEED TO BE MADE AT THIS LOCATION. PLEASE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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