Nashville, Tennessee

How did a medication that is considered a lethal narcotic (Nucynta- tapentadol) end up in a bottle with my son's name on it? Upon retrieving another medication that was prescribed for hives, a second pill bottle was given to us with our 10 year old's name on it.

The doctor never prescribed this to him, yet her name was on the bottle as well. After calling the doctor to confirm, we returned to the pharmacy and asked how something like this could happen. His answer was "The tech accidentally scanned the wrong name. Would you like a refund?" No apology.

No sympathy, empathy or anything. THIS COULD HAVE KILLED MY CHILD.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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ladyscot , you truly act like a know it all. I would be upset too.

I am so sick of reading you respond to everyones issues. It's obvious you work for Walgreens and love them so much. I see the way to talk down to others about questions and/or concerns they have. Of course places make mistakes and surely that is not criminal.

I was however under the impression that certain prescriptions needed to to double checked, such as controlled substances. Who was not doing their job by not double checking this one if it is indeed a dangerous controlled substance? I truly can't stand people who think they know it all. Something quite dangerous could have happened here.

I often take my kids to actual doctor appointments, but if a prescription is given, my husband may pick it up and give to my child, as I may be working. Thank God this parent was careful and vigilant.

But, I guess since a refund was offered, Walgreens acted appropriately. You are seriously a joke.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1253132

Ok, first, I was not downing the poster. I was actually praising her for being diligent and aware.

Asking why she took two bottles is reasonable. If she sued, a lawyer would ask the same thing.

Plus, yes, I am a know it all. I work in a busy pharmacy dealing with unreasonable people every single day. I have to know this stuff, since my job can carry a prison sentence if I get it wrong.

I also have to know the law.

And for your information, medications are double checked, and narcotics are triple checked, and logged into a checklist/count book, because federal law requires it. Like I said, I am glad the poster was on top of it. As long as drugs are filled by humans, mistakes will happen, regardless of how hard we work to prevent them, and all the safeguards in place to avoid it.

I would challenge you, either of you, to work in a pharmacy for one week.

Heck, one day. Then come back here and tell us how it was.


Pharmacist owned the mistake and offered the solution, ie refund and apology. Pharmacy people are human, just like you are, and subject to error just like you are, even with all the safeguards in place to prevent them.

It is your job as a parent to know what drugs your doctor prescribed, and question any inconsistencies. Which, you did. I have noticed that when working in the pharmacy so many people ask WHAT DID MY DOCTOR CALL IN? So many people have no idea what drugs they even take.

They just come get the medication and never question it. So I applaud you as a parent for knowing, and being alert. I also applaud you for bringing the error to the pharmacist's attention.

I am curious though, if you knew your doctor only prescribed one drug, why you took two bottles? Or did you notice the error immediately before you left the pharmacy?

Either way, I am glad you were alert, and that no harm came to your child. I am hoping you not be too hard on the tech or the pharmacist though.

Pharmacies do a great job under stressful situations to make sure people get the medications they need. Errors are few, but when they occur, it makes them work harder to prevent another.

to LadyScot Taylor, Michigan, United States #1172432

After being treated terribly by a pharmacist at Walgreens, Wick Rd. at Telegraph Taylor,MI 48180 and after careful investigation, it looks as though Walgreens pharmacy make many inexcusable mistakes.

I have had to transfer mine, and my family members prescriptions ,after several serious mistakes and treatment that unprofessional, rude and disrespectful. I filed a complaint with the State Of Michigan Pharmacutical Board,spoke with customer service and Walgreens corporate.

Everyone I contacted agreed that my complaint was justified ,and I am now waiting for their solution to rectify this situation. Believe me, I'm not holding my breath.


Report to bop for sure

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