Toccoa, Georgia
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Can't you take a complaint? I've tried to let you know the batteries went dead after only 20 minutes and was kicked off so I won't go into details this time.

I don't know the date on the batteries but they shouldn't be that old. I bought them yesterday!

Walgreen's is one of my favorite stores but I'm VERY upset right now!

I was at a meeting recording it for people who could not attend.

After only 20 minutes the FLIP camera stopped cause the batteries were dead. I missed a VERY important part which doesn't make me a happy camper!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Actually, I have had good luck using rechargeable batteries in cameras---a very cheap way to go in the long run!


Another *** trying to use a coppertop alkaline battery in something digital. HOW MANY TIMES must we remind you that you need to buy something along the lines of a lithium, or a duracell power pix battery....

they have a picture of a camcorder or digital camera on them.

They only range from $5.99 and up ARE YOU DENSE!?!?


We really need for people like you to have an IQ test before we allow you to buy electronics. Its the only way...


As an apparent novice camera user, you should heed the following:

1. Always use the best batteries available for high drain products. For a digital camera you must use only LITHIUM batteries. They come in four or eight packs and are under the Energizer name. They are about$8.50 or four or $16.50 for eight. Rechargeables, alkaline, etc. are no good at all.

2. Always carry extra batteries(lithium, of course) in the camera case so you have them with you, as well as an extra memory card. If you have to, buy a little larger camera case/bag so accomodate them.

We just got back from a month's drive thru the Western USA and took thousands of digital stills and HD movies. A couple of times we would have been stuck without the ability to take photos if it had not been for the extra batteries and memory cards we had along with us.

Don't blame Walgreens. You bought the wrong batteries for your usage. Good batteries cost money. You cannot use the 4 for a dollar alkalines you buy in a dollar store.


Did you spend a little extra and get the batteries that are made for cameras and video recorders?

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