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I had my tonsils removed this morning around 8:45 and dropped my prescription off at 12:44 PM and asked them to please rush the prescription because I was in pretty extensive pain. It took over 2 and a half hours to get a message letting me know it was ready for pickup, and upon arrival, after waiting over 15 minutes to even be greeted, I was told that it would be 101+ dollars. I immediately called my insurance company (Anthem) who told me that the cost should only be around 7-8 dollars for the generic and around 11 for the non generic version. I asked to speak with the pharmacist on duty and was rudely interrupted by an employee, who identified herself as "Lauren", and said "she would handle it". After explaining the situation to her and letting her know I was on the phone with member services, she walked away mumbling that "she wasnt aware I work for the insurance company" in a snide tone.

At this point I have been without medicine for over 5 hours, and the last thing I care to do is argue or be talked down to by one of your employees, I can hardly speak as is. After multiple rude comments I asked her for her name and she rudely gave it to me, spelling it slowly as if I were mentally handicapped. As I was walking away she proceeded to say "these are the type of people we have to deal with" and shouted "Be Well" in an extremely sarcastic tone. The fact she used their slogan, their trademarked slogan at that in a demeaning way speaks wonders for the true colors of their employees, their hiring process, and the ethics within their company. There were multiple other people behind the counter, none of which said a word to her.

I went to CVS across the street and ended up getting my prescription within 30 minutes, and for a little under 10 dollars. Losing a customer is one thing, but losing all respect for a company is another. This experience left a very bad taste in my mouth and I want the situation rectified.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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why didnt you stay there when you dropped it off? if you wanted rush you could of stayed.

most go by order of pickup time. alot of pharmacys are cutting back. takes longer to get them done. if you would have stayed my guess after they finished who was before you than you would of gotten them in 20.

(just like you did at CVS...) i feel that you said something to the employee stating you knew what your policy said (even tho those people deal with insurance company's all day)...did you have the wrong insurance number with walgreens? did it alps? did you get a new card? does walgreens carry your plan?

did the insurance have YOUR inform up on their computers?

(or just gave you the general info) more than likely one or more happened. remember the word no does not mean terrible customer service.


Walgreens pharmacy staff are rude obnoxious people who have absolutely no regard for consumers who Are ill, I extreme pain and at their mercy when needing scripts filled. They are not doing customers are favor...

The service is bring paid for!

A bunch of ill mannered rotten people. Going with cvs.