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After lengthy in-person conversation with pharmacist at wesley chapel Walgreens, was told to bring in prescriptions, valid drivers license, and another valid Id, they would call my pain management doctor, check my pharmacy record in their computer, and if everything checks out, I should have my prescriptions in 24-48 hours.

I dropped off everything required. It turns out my driver license still had my old address on it, so I had to fix that. I ran home, got my lease, went to driver license office and changed my address. Went back to Walgreens with corrected DL and pharmacists and techs were busy (haha)and called a store manager to help. I gave him all of my papers (scripts) etc. The original pharmacist was standing nearby and swore I had one extra prescription now than I did on the first visit. I proclaimed that not to be true as they were all folded in half together. She accepted them and told me to go home and they would call me when my scripts were ready. ( about 2hours). So I went home. Was home about 30 minutes, when Walgreens called. I knew it was way to early so I braced myself. I answered the phone and was informed by head pharmacist that I did not meet their "good faith policy". She would not tell me what policy I did not meet. She ended the call with "there's nothing I can do". So now I had to start the game of " pharmacy roulette". I have excellent insurance but none of the mom n pop pharmacies accept insurance. And the larger pharmacies (including the chains) do not have the medications in stock, or they do not carry those medications or in rare cases they can't take care of their " regular customers". So, since I wasn't "grandfathered" in anywhere, I kept searching!!! Finally after hours of searching (thru 2 counties), to no avail, I came across a pharmacy that could compound my Dilaudid. Of course that one prescription was only a mere $900.00. And by the time I was finished, had a grand total of $1363.00. I had to borrow some of that as it depleted my meager savings. Now what? The next month was the same (with the exclusion of Walgreens) who by the way, banned me from all Walgreens pharmacies. So I had to borrow AGAIN and have Dilaudid compounded again. For the next month, the same thing. I had to borrow some almost 5,000.00(for 3 months of medication). That is criminal, especially when I have insurance.

If there is a way to help in getting Walgreens to change their practices, and/or make customer service a priority instead of criminalizing us, I'm here to join. I also have a brother whom Walgreens filled his prescriptions for 2 months, then decided on his 3rd month that he did not meet their required "good-faithed policy". So now he gets to do the "pharmacy roulette" game.

He will also join the ranks of ' making Walgreens pay". I would at least like to get my $5,000.00 back as well as compensating me for the gas and time it took to find a different pharmacy. Not to mention the anxiety, stress, frustration, and aggregation of doing such. I'm mad as ***!!!! My brother feels the same exact way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • uprofessional behavior
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Hahaha. You were banned! More to the story im sure.


I too, after YEARS of being a loyal walgreens customer was told I would b unable to fill any more rx's at any walgreens...I was blacklisted, supposedly for 3 months. That would b Dec.

16th, but i've heard since then, they have new, more difficult policies! Isn't there any thing we can do? I actually had the pharmacist @ Sam's Club tell me they couldn't fill any rx's 4 me because she saw on e-force that i've used more than 5 pharmacies! Yea, because when u need your medicine, u end up spending hrs & $ looking 4 a pharmacy!


MUCH POWER! & my only

pharmacy, walgreens, blacklisted me!

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