I was returning about $19 of items to my local Walgreen's and was accessed of taking a $2 item off of the shelf by an associate.

I had been making numerous purchases over the past couple of months & I had the wrong receipt with me, but their is no way I would ever do something like that. I told them I would walk home & get the correct receipt.

However, the clerk was very loud and called th manager. He came out & threatened to call the police and play them the video, which I welcomed. This went on in the busy store for about 15 minutes. It was lengthy because they also refused to give me my merchandise back.

I went back to the store later & the manager refused to return my merchandise.

I went home, gathered all my purchases, unopened, and attempted to return them, which they refused. This happened on 2/26/13 & my numerous emails and phone calls to Customer Service have been ignored.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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If you were to be shopping around with your return in hand, then they have the right to be suspicious. However, this isn't the case. From what I read, you merely had mismatching items and receipts, so it seems the employees at the store were over-reacting to the situation.

Even if you did take the item, the best action for Walgreen's to do is to let the person have it and leave. Prevents any further trouble, especially, any potential harmful trouble.

It should be noted that Walgreens does have the ability to refuse any and all returns. This store wasn't friendly, so I would recommend another Walgreens in the area (if possible). The only issue is that Walgreens carries a 30 day return policy. I do hope things get better for you.


If the camera didn't pick it up and there is no witness, you have been falsely accused and unjustly treated! Please give me location of this Walgreens as I will never step foot in it!

I use Walgreens exclusively, yet there are stores whose employees and managers that are customer unfriendly! Shame on them!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #696966

This happened in February and you are just now getting around to complaining about it. Why were you roaming around the store, shopping before doing the actual return?

That just isn't the logical thing to do. At the end of the complaint you sound like a spoiled brat.

to anonymous #697049

Read the post, Loser. You must work for Walgreens, which is documented as one of the companies with the worst customer service.

No roaming. Libel, plain & simple.

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