Boston, Massachusetts

Walgreens refused to refill my prescription for Adderall XR today. They said they needed to speak to the doctor about my diagnosis.

I left the prescription there. The doctor's office explained the situation to them and still after 10 years of being prescribed the same medication for ADD, my diagnosis is not reason enough for Walgreens to fill it. They called me and said to come pick it up my prescription that they would not fill it due to their new policy. This is atrocious that they now have lay people second guessing doctor's diagnosis's for their patients.

This is such an injustice.

They should lose their license.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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stop taking high dose of add. you are not being manged correctly for your add if you need a high dose of meds.


i was just at walmarts pissedoff site and ladyscott claims to be a pharmtech there also a cashier i thought she claimed to be a pharm tech at walgreens just thought i would throw that out there because she was so mean and nasty to people who have legit problems.your lies have caught up with you ladyscott.not a very smart troll now are ya busted


go somewhere else.... I have taken dexedrine tablets since I was 5 and I have gotten the "we don't have it and we won't order it" attitude from them too.

I am learning the skills that my adderall mom used the Dexedrine to replace for parenting and I am going off of these... I have already reduced the dose from 90 mg to 60 mg. Even as an ADHD med, it causes a dependence to an extent and I am hyper. These shut me up, make me lazy, stop and think act "Mr.

Appropriate" etc.

My house never get's cleaned until it wears off but I have lost out on a lot going off of them abruptly.

I used to attend a support group (3 times total) for ADHD and there was this woman there on "non-addicted Adderall XR" and she couldn't shut her mouth or blink her eyes. Some pharmacists are genuinely concerned and care and others are just power drunk.


Actually, eventually all pharmacies will be doing this. Walgreens is just the first to start. 10 years on Adderall is a perfect example of why they are second guessing your doctor.


Hey Ladyscot- Congrats on getting your medical physician's license! And be sure to congratulate your pharmacists getting theirs as well!

No, not all pharmacies will be doing this - they are not qualified in any way, shape or form to be determining diagnosis and treatment of patients.

That is the job of the medical doctor - you remember them, don't you?

And, just remember if the pharmacies want to start taking on this responsibility, it also makes them liable - say, if someone is prescribed the wrong meds for their condition, they are filled correctly, and the patient suffers. So, they really ought to think twice before taking on any more responsibility than their training and insurance will cover...


10 years of Adderall? Do you plan to be on this addictive substance for the rest of your life?

Doesn't it concern you that your body is increasingly becoming more dependent on a chemical stimulant to make it successfully through a day? Will you be 80 years old and still require a pill to focus enough to wipe your behind? Do you plan to allow the same of your children (if not already), setting them up for a life of dependency on chemicals to thrive. I really am concerned on what our society will look like in 20 years.

I fear we will simply be an overstimulated otherwise impotent addicted society. Do yourself a favor and attempt to taper off.

When you realize you can't.... your problem will be self evident.


read the other posts. This is not new to walgreens!!

They keep doing this with customers. CHERRY PICKING who they want as customers!!


You're an *** :roll