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Having to use the advantage card in order to get items on sale is just wrong. they want your infomation to put in a database and they follow all your purchases.

how secure is this infomation, a hacker could see you buying in a location not in your home zip code and use that to rob your home. I think people should boycott till they remove the manditory use of this card.

This type of data gathering is very dangerous to the security of you infomation in the name of a discounted purchase. Walgreens will use this infomation to target more advertising.

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CVS allows everyone to get the Sale Price without using your card.

The cashier has a card to use for that purpose.

What is wrong with Walgreens???

I have left items on the counter because they wanted me to sign up for a card in order to get the sale price.

The cashier is Not allowed to give you the sale price without it.

You have to find another customer with a card who will let you use theirs.

This is patently absurd...

I have stopped going to walgreens for this reason.

Why would I shop there when CVS is right next door and will always give you the sale price anytime with no hassle.

Guess CVS will soon be buying up all the Walgreens stores at their Out-of-business Sale.


Their "card" gimmick is one of the most cheesy ideas I ever heard of. You're in the aisle, you see a good sale price.

You get to the register and find you have to have their card to get the good price. Without the card, the price is almost double. The average third grader would spot this as a scam, and could probably tell you in simple words that it is both idiotic, and insulting. Almost every other company has sale prices without tricks.

Why does Walgreens feel they have to trick people into continued business? They must feel desperate. And, for good reason.

These games must come from some "genius" in corporate office. How misguided!

Tacoma, Washington, United States #599498

As an employee, I feel like people who complain about this are ridiculous. First off - You don't need to put in your address; in fact, you don't even need to volunteer any accurate information.

For instance, Mr. Robinson can say He's Jimmy Dean at 123 Hotdog st. - This can be done at your leisure by applying for rewards membership at home. Also, the only reason it asks for a birth date, is to verify that you're over eighteen since it would be otherwise against the law.

Anyways, it's not like your information is that safe anywho, any store clerk at any place of business would only have to ask to see your ID whilst paying with a credit or debit card - Read your first and last name, maybe gather a billing zip-code: And there you go!

Just google search the information and pull up most of your personal information for little to no cost. Get over yourself.

to Employee #639110

You tell a potential customer to "get over yourself"? That is a perfect example of "Walgreen" attitude.

You spend time telling people they are *** to complain, instead of trying to foster a better relationship with them?

That should encourage people to come to your store. They can get their daily dose of insults.


As a wallgreens employee, I completely agree with you. This causes several problems with both the customer and employee.

In order to get most ad item prices you do need a Rewards card. Our responsibility is to ask wvery customer for thier Rewards card....problem is employees are sometimes in a hurry to help customers and don't always ask for a card.

While the customer expects to get the sale price, and then comes back pissed off after checking thier recipt. And there is always fine print on the ad tags...(sale price or bonus points only with card etc) Yes, it BASICALLY is just a way to figure out customer demographics.

to Greenswall #639115

I'm sorry, but as a customer, it has nothing to do with demographics. It's "fishing", and the sale price is the "bait".

Some fish will get to the boat, figure it out, and promptly get off the hook. Others will fall for the bait till they are in the boat, then be pissed because they were tricked.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #596804

Don't all of the businesses that have reward guns or whatever they are called, do the same thing as Walgreens, as far as putting your information into a database. I have a friend who buys her clothing in a plus size store where we live and she has a punch card that whenever she buys something there, they punch the amount of the purchase off the card, and then when a certain amount gets punched off she receives a $50.00 gift card that has to be used within two weeks, which of course she does that most of the time.

There isn't hardly anything in the store for $50.00, unless you hit a good sale. I told her that was their way of getting her to buy more, and her reply was "on no! I get this gift card because I have their rewards card," and I didn't bother trying to explain it to her any other way.

She has clothes in her closet that have been hanging there for three years with the tags still on them.

to anonymous #639123

Yes, most businesses do try to track demographics. However, this is the only instance I have found (and I'm 68)where you "have" to have their card to pay a better price.

Most businesses set their sale prices, and sell for that price.

When you get to the register with your product, you know what you will pay. Many "ask" for more information, but don't raise the price if you don't give the information.

to dexter Columbus, Ohio, United States #694999

Every major retail store in the country has a loyalty card, with the exception of Wal-Mart and Meijers. Kroger's, one of the largest supermarkets in the country, also requires you to have a loyalty card to get the prices.

The card is free to signup and takes 30 seconds tops.

If you're that worried about your information getting stolen, put in a fake name, fake address, and fake date of birth. Seriously it's not hard

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