Sarasota, Florida

5 years ago I suffered a fall of three stories onto a concrete slab, then a 4in diameter hose hit me in the back , which had also fallen from the third story and was filled with concrete. Ive had dozens of MRI's and have been on pain meds for 4.5 years, due to a degenerative spinal condition c2-t7, neuropathay, arthritis and torn meniscus in both knees.

Florida at this moment is battling an epidemic of prescription medication, however I have never partook in any illegal activity.

this month upon attempting to fill my script I was told that the walgreens pharmacy was out of stock, however I happened to be browsing and saw 4 other clients drop off and fill the exact same prescription. The only difference between them and myself was 30-40 years.

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #950935

Perhaps you tried to refill too soon?


You am ***.. Maybe if u didn't wait until last minute , it wouldn't be out of stock.


Can you be sure that is the only difference, and if so, how are positive? These other customers prescriptions could have been for a different dosage, mg wise.

There is no way you can be positive that this happened because of age. For one thing some of these other people could have been picking the prescription up for an older person.

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