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I went to get cough medicine today as well as other items, as the cashier scanned my items he asked for my date of birth. I said "what?" not knowing the reason.

Again he asked my date of birth, I then said "for what?" The cashier finally said it's for the 8oz of cough medicine. I then stated that I'm 40yrs old. So I gave him a made up date of birth and the way I said it he knew it was fake. If this is so important it should have been stated early in the transaction with the reason why.

Not just "your date of birth". Why wasn't id required then? The person was aprox. my age not a teen working the weekend.

I can see if some kid came in and tried to buy out the cough med. stock.

But it wasn't it was a 6-2 300#, 40yr old buying 8oz of the stuff. This isn't the 1st problem with this store but it's the last.

At CVS I have never had a problem and I can get my own razors without finding someone unlock the case for me. What joke walgreens..

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@POo cough syrup isn't used to make meth...that's pseudoephedrine. Dextromethorphan which is already in the cough syrup will get you high alone, but if your preparation has any other active ingredients then it can be dangerous.


i work at a walgreens and when i ring anyone up that looks younger then 18 or im really unsure of i ask for the id. it asks for age verification for cough syrup, alcohol, cigarettes and if i remember right a couple of other things. i say "i just need to see your id for the _____."


This is not a Walgreens policy to ask you your date of birth for cough medicine; but it is State law.


it isn't walgreens that has this protocal. it's the government.

It's their attempt to not let little kids buy cough syrup and get high off of it. Also, so people can't buy multiple quantities of it to make *** So calm down.


i think the cashier was just trying to be ***, i've worked in a drug store before and it doesn't have to be an exact date it just has to be something realistic and above the age required by law. so i think he was just getting a kick out of getting you angry.

but i do believe that they have to ask for your b-date for most cough medicines now including children's cough syrup. i know it sucks, but it keeps young teenagers from getting high off of the stuff.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #50936

Perhaps she asked for your age because you were acting like a kid?


walgreens should put some kind of notice for costomers, concerning idenification required for buying cough medicine, due to ilegal *** labs. has nothing to do with age.

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