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For many years, the Walgreen's nearest me sold absolutely no booze. Being the spouse of somebody in recovery, that factor was a huge sigh of relief.

Then a few years ago, to my genuine dismay, I noticed the employees stacking "toxic waste" from wine, beer, and liquor (the worst). Yes I realize alcohol is everywhere and that it's really my husband's problem more than Walgreen's, however I am still disgusted. My husband doesn't drive for medical reasons and this Walgreen's is within walking distance. He has been sober for three years.

Not anymore. While I realize the store won't stop selling the gasoline on account of one person, others (who WORK there) have also expressed their dissatisfaction due to carrying booze. One employee once told me was going to quit if they brought alcohol back, and another employee said "booze just adds trouble". When I spoke with the GM (and later, corporate), they told me in short the booze was there to stay and they had to beat competition with CVS and other drugstores that sold it.

Who sells booze in a freaking pharmacy!!?? I have since transferred my prescriptions to be picked up at the hospital pharmacy. To continue to support THEM while they couldn't give a rat's *** about anyone else was hypocritical at best. At the Corner of Healthy and Happy??

HA! The only "Healthy and Happy" Walgreen's cares about is their revenue!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My booze of choice of is Beck's Dark Beer. I used to buy it in 22oz bottles that said "SUPER SIZED" on them.

Once, while I was getting drunk on my daily allotment of 3 Super-Sized bottles of Beck's Dark, I got the idea to make a panhandling sign that said "McHomeless, I Could Use A Drink, Super-Size It Please" I laughed so hard I fell to the ground and was rolling around laughing my you know what off.

Sure enough, I tried the sign out and it was one of my best most successful panhandling signs. Everyone laughed at it and thought that it was real funny.


You husband is the one responsible for his actions. Just because the sell booze does not mean that he has to buy booze. Booze does no cause trouble i is the people drinking it irresponsibility that causes trouble.


When does personal responsibility begin? I get being an addict, but that doesn’t man Walgreen’s shouldn’t sell alcohol the rest of us want and can handle, sorry but the rest of us shouldn’t be punished because of your husbands issue