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Went to my local Walgreens liquor store today. Been going there for 20 years and I am 70 years old.

Needed to show ID for the first time. Clerk took my driver's license and scanned it. I said to her...what's up? She would not look me in the eye and said...

I don't know... they told us two weeks ago we have to scan all driver's licenses. Something smells like rotten eggs. They are selling alcohol sales information to health care companies...I WILL GURANTEE IT.

BYE BYE to Walgreens. Brevity is the soul of wit you *** I am pissed off about your ridiculous requirements for posting

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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2019 - Would enjoy reading about how much business Walgreens has lost due to their check and log everyone's id when they purchase alcohol.


They've lost about 99% of my business due to them doing the whole "SECURITY, SCAN AND RECORD ALL AREAS" c.r.a.p. that they do over the loudspeaker as soon as I walk in the door.

I only go there very occasionally if they have a super-good sale on something.

And then that's all I get, and I go in and get outta there as soon as I possible can. And if I ever need a prescription for something you better believe that I'm not going to choose them for my pharmacy.


I am out of there too. I am supposed to be aware of identity security and I am giving some company with no privacy rules all my key info, including my SSN and Passport ID.

I am over sixty years old!

Anyway, there are many places that sell beer. Unfortunately I had to move all my prescriptions out of there as well.


Maybe the clerk was afraid that you could possibly be suffering from a medical condition that made you appear to be elderly, when in fact you were just an underage teenager. You should have taken it as a compliment that you were getting carded. And I am sure that there are also some elderly people that still look that they are teenagers too.


What I find hilarious is that a drivers license is a STATE ISSUED identification. People wake up!!

The only information they don’t know is what size high heels you wear during your role play. Everything else is already out there!! Name, DOB, favorite soda, it’s all out there. Has been since we started using computers for practically everything.

Getting paranoid because you are asked for a ID and they enter in your DOB is really dumb. They have a job to do, which is to enter in the information required on a RESTRICTED PURCHASE! If you do not like it please find a better excuse then the ID in your pocket. That ID is not yours by law.

And MUST be presented when asked during a restricted sale. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are purchasing a restricted sale item and they MUST do their part as described by their bosses AND the federal government. If you are 70+ then we can all take heart that your particular brand of ignorance and moronic thinking will soon be a bad distasteful memory of old crazy gone by. In 70 yrs you haven’t learned that everything changes.

You are a prime example. You used to be a thoughtful and intelligent person, now look at you.


Maybe they were always this foolish. BTW, you are wrong about one thing.

When an ID is scanned the government sends it to a secret alien organization. They the abduct citizens and give them an anal probe.

The only way to protect yourself from this is to wear a tinfoil hat. I believe that Walgreens sells aluminum foil?


Says a Walgreen's assistant manager trying to move up. Too funny.


Gotta love you tin hat wearing fools. Always making us laugh!

XD ‘Oh they wanna see my ID!?

OMG they wanna sell all my personal information to the government to use it against me! I just know it!’


I'm flattered when they card me. It makes me feel good to be taken for being so young.


I seriously doubt you are 70. A 70 year old does not call people *** More like a teenager or 20 year old whose fake ID did not fool them.


Same assistant manager...different handle.