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Hello to all the customers who have left positive or negative feedback! It means so much to us employees to get positive feedback, and negative to help employees improve. I do understand every store has their own staff some less efficient than others. I have worked in many locations here in Houston Texas even College Station and I have come across some undesirable employees! I am a Pharmacy Technician, and I must say this, I don't expect customers to understand my job any more than I understand theirs, but like any business accuracy requires time and to the customer it may seem like we take too much time to prepare your prescriptions it is usually a result of high volume and shortage of staff. Our daily tasks don't just require us to "put a label on a box/bottle" it takes a lot more work and effort.

To give you an idea of a techs daily tasks not for sympathy but rather support and understanding. My store does an average of 400-500 prescriptions a day

We have a total of 6 technicians soon to be 5 and 3 pharmacists designated to our store. On a Monday (one of the busiest days of the week) we have a technician scheduled to open 8am-430pm with a pharmacist 8am-3pm, a second tech 9am-5pm, third 11am-6pm, and the fourth 4pm-10pm, and closing pharmacist 2pm-10pm. In almost all pharmacies you have drive thru, the front counter and filling only five hours of that day consists of one tech at each of these stations not excluding lunches which are 30mins each where you are a tech short and u must take a break or it is automatically deducted from your pay.

Our daily tasks include:

All refill requests and faxes and calls to doctors/Rx's that were filled 8 days prior and not yet picked up must be called on in order to make the pt aware that it will be soon re-shelved if not picked up/the previous days called on Rx's must be saved on the pts profile and back on the shelf this is to prevent overflow of ready prescriptions/the computer randomly selects 10 drugs each day that must be counted and you have to enter the amount in the comp/before noon Monday through Friday every store receives cardinal (special order) it must be posted in the comp, acknowledging that every drug is accounted for, can take up to a couple hours in between filling/two days a week you get a ware house order of drugs on large one slightly smaller, each drug must be checked in and accounted for then put up THAT DAY/ then there is additional reports u must do every day if not frequently.

Alongside all that we are answering phones, processing claims, helping customers, typing prescriptions (each tech should type ATLEAST 30 preferred 45 Scripts daily), fix ins. Issues, and filling the rx's.

None the less I enjoy my job there are some customers that make it worth it and my coworkers are like family we are really close there is no other store like us! We work well together and help each other out! As customers I ask you to consider our work load call in your refills 2 or 3 days early to allow time to resolve issues that may occur!!! if it's a new RX (maintenance med or non urgent) at least try to drop off your RXs and run errands come back after lunch or dinner or the next day give us time for accuracy and let those who are in emergency situations or considerably ill get their RXS out. Most importantly ALWAYS come prepared, insurance card in hand (prescription and medical, yes some are separate if your ins. Card doesn't have a RX Bin on it then it is medical only) Drivers license or state issued photo id for controlled substances any discount cards (if requires to be activated please activate at least 1 hour preferably 24 hrs in advance), know your address, give time for the pharmacist to discuss the medication if needed when u pick up. Know how many RXS you should be receiving. AND doctor faxes are not received immediately on new RXS sometimes takes up to 30minutes and some DR. will leave it on voicemail along with 5-7 other Doctors pharmacist checks VM every 30-45 minutes so again allow some time!!! Take advantage of our services Auto-refills (we set your maintenance meds to automatically refill monthly), our Automated system (call in refills by in putting your RX #) , texting (we text you when RX is ready, req. dr. app., or needs special attention) , email, Express pay (a credit card or flex card is put on file so that YOUR and only YOUR RXs are paid for without having to provide a method of payment or send it in drive through 99% of techs verify before charging your express to make sure u don't need to pay in other means like cash and give you the total before hand). We flavor liquid meds tell us if you prefer a certain flavor when dropping off so we can look up the recipe and have it ready at pick up we cannot pre mix most liquid meds due to the fact they expire so again don't be in a hurry when picking up these give us time to mix them. Keep track of your refills know when you're running low and be sure to set an apt. if your doc. Requires you to ahead of time. If doctor increases or changes your dosage then get a NEW RX for insurance purposes. Keep in mind that some medications aren't commonly used or available so again give time for it to possibly be ordered, changed, or we can find it at another pharmacy. Also pick up your prescriptions within 8 days save us a phone call! If you aren't going to be able to request that it be saved on your profile and call us when you need it! If we give you a five day supply because of a shortage and we have to order the remainder you must be able to pick up the remainder in 8 days at that location if not let us know! Computer errors do occur in few cases and sometimes requires us to "start all over" this is more of an inconvenience for us than it is you, if you have set aside extra time for errors and delays. Also keep in mind that Walgreens computer system is programmed to print any refills or new RXs put in on that day (whether you requested to pick it up the next day or not) it will be filled before that day ends, that is if insurance complies and the product is in stock, in those cases make sure we have the right number and email, or take advantage of text therefore you will be notified if there is a delay. For automated voice messages LISTEN to them they all start out the same but it may not always be calling to inform you that it is ready there could be an issue it is informing you about! TIME is key and PATIENCE is a virtue, help us help you! Be prepared in all cases! No business is easy!

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However, if you do not take your scheduled break, in some states you may wind up with a "lunch period violation", meaning you didn't take your lunch before a specified hour. In my state, that is the case and is a mandatory, automatic write-up.

If you do not take your lunch and don't have to worry about lunch-period violations, you may incur overtime pay, for which you can also be written up. Don't lose your job over something so silly.

Just take your 30 minute break. That's what they train managers in pharmacy for: if you are at break, they can help out as back-up.


Hey I work at walgreens to and I dang sure don't think I should skip my lunch ever I ned a break from all these people who think they know how to do my job or don't understand it's a pharmacist responsibility to keep dr s from over medicating or patients that dr hop for narcotics. We don't deny drugs just to *** you off, or we CAN'T break FEDERAL or STATE LAWS just to make them happy.

So even if I could get paid for not taking my scheduled break I'm not starving all day for anyone!!!!!! It's the only 30 minutes outta 8+ hours I get


Hi I work for Walgreens as well and I wanted to comment on this: "u must take a break or it is automatically deducted from your pay." Your manager CANNOT do this it is ILLEGAL. If you can't take a 30 minute lunch then you cannot be docked pay for a break you didn't take.

Check your policy and procedures on Store Net.

It details what you are allowed for breaks and for lunches and the policy on payment for said breaks. If your manager does this then call the Loss Prevention hotline and let them know.