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Ive filled prescriptions at this Pharmacy many times,and almost everytime have been trated like It was a real pain in their neck to help customers. So I finally started going to CVS on Bridge street where they treat their customers with loyalty respect and kindness.

But recently I had to go there to fill a prescription because CVS didnt carry this drug. Again they were rude,and un caring. Its horrible the way They treat people. They told me they would partially fill my script because their supply was low on the drug needed and would have the rest the next day and would call.Keep in mind this is a drug that you cant be without.

so no call the next day. so I called them back. They proceeded to tell me with a attitude that they dont have it and have no idea when they are gonna get anymore. I told them they partially filled it and have the script I cant go anywhere else to get the remainder filled with no script.

They proceeded to tell me in a loud rude angry voice to call around and find someone else that has it and maybe they could transfer it to them.At this point I was getting upset and ask could you find someone else that has it and transfer it? The girl yells in the phone I dont have time to mess with you and this problem. Find it yourself...REALLY? I will never go back there ever again.

But my 250 lb. 6foot 5inch.Husband with a attitude is going back see how long they are rude with him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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If you have nothing relevant to say why say anything some people just have too much time on their hands.Maybe you should go talk to her husband sissy


they in trouble now!