Winona, Minnesota
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I worked at Walgreens in Winona for almost 8 months. During that time there I have learned that Walgreens as a company has no standards for their Managers.

I had a manager the first 2 months that was awesome. He was personable, kind, worked hard, everything I thought a manager would do. Then, out of no where, he got fired, and we had another manager come to work there. Instantly, people were unhappy.

He was, rude, abrasive, offensive, and just plain mean. The morale of the store was obviously declining. Customers were even complaining to us about this abrasive store manager. Not only did he have a rough personality, he was a frequent person to pick favorites.

He would be extremely nice to some employees, and treat other employees like trash. I myself am in Recovery, I have been for over 2 years, proudly might I add. Multiple times the store manager had made remarks about alcoholism in college, and "disgusting crack addicts" outside of his other store, with me in the room. I know that he knew about my recovery, because that "open door" policy, was a scam.

I would confide in the ASM and she would immediately tell the store manager everything I said about my personal life.Completely unnecessary. Knowing that the pharmacy was always busy not having enough Techs, I volunteered to begin training so that I could grab IC3s back there; seeing as the photo department was constantly down. I was given a "we don't have hours for you to train back there right now." Which I completely understand, but then it was months, and I heard nothing. They even had signs up saying that they were hiring full time pharmacy techs.

I expressed my frustration with a Shift Lead and she said "Oh, yeah. I bet it's because you're sober." and if that is the case, I will be filing a lawsuit immediately. They hired a woman to work in pharmacy full time, but instead of having her train back there, they stuck her in photo in my position, giving me no shifts in the photo department, and 6.5 hours at the front register a week. Now you tell me, how is someone supposed to survive on that kind of money.

When I expressed that concern,the ASM told me to give myself a raise by selling more suggestive sell. I lost trust and hope that I would enjoy working at Walgreens. When I was hired I was so excited. I loved what Walgreens stood for.

Now after seeing how they run that store, I will never shop there again. I have quit, and plan on filing these complaints with everyone I can. This is a poorly run store; From the photo department always being out of stock and losing customer's orders, to the managers chosen to run and represent the store. I am embarrassed to even admit I worked there, just like I was embarrassed to have to admit to customers that we were out of stock in the photo department regularly.

I trust that this will be filed accordingly, and action will be taken. I am disappointed in this company, and am not afraid to speak my mind about it to everyone I can.

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walgreens is know for doing this and way more to employees. stay sober and dont let walgreens get the better of you. much better places to work