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I am not sure why the location showed up as Cleveland, Ohio. This took place in Jacksonville, FL.

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I've been shopping at a Walgreens that is located within walking distance of my home and I've used them mainly to process my digital photo orders. I'm teacher, so about once or twice a month I go in to pick up prints.

About three months ago, I noticed that there were a few new managers on staff, as well as new clerks. None of them ever bother to greet the customer and actually look at you as though you have no right to be in the store. In fact, there are often three to four employees on the floor leaving one cashier by themselves to serve a line full of patrons.

Since I only care about my photos and the convenience of the location, I never made much of a big deal about it. However, today was infuriating.

I went in to pick up my photos and stood in line behind another customer. The clerk clearly saw me and did not address me so much as a hello. Instead she walks off and disappears in a huff, as if I'm infringing on her time. I look around the store and see a manager walking by and he ignores me as well.

Finally, I ask the clerk who is nearby at the main checkout if he could just let me pick up my pictures. As I walk to the front, I see two employees on the nearby aisle just standing around with nothing to do.

I don't understand it. They have a clerk at the beauty counter doing nothing, a manager who pretends he doesn't see customers standing alone at the photo center, two employees with time to chat, and no one wants to take 4 seconds to just give me my photos?

I will not patronize that location again.

I like Walgreens, just not off of Townsend and Blanding. They need to bring the old staff back and FAST.

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Yeah, it's OUR fault, unless of course the manager hiring you does not inform you that Wags is open on all holidays. I can guarantee you a lot of people wouldn't bother working there if they were informed from the get go.


Those of us that work at Walgreens would be more than happy to see this company fail. We are leaving as fast as we can find another job.

Please don't patronize this company.

They treat their employees like slave labor, and pay them that way as well. They force us to work all major holidays, and write us up for calling off even if we are in the hospital.


If you got written up for calling out, there was another issue. Walgreens does not FORCE you to work holidays.

They ask you BEFORE YOU START if you are available to work holidays. If you out yes, that's your own fault. And if you have a doctors note for calling out, they can't write you up. You get PAID sick days, holidays (even if you don't work) a special holiday with pay, funeral pay, paid vacation days, and you can choose your availability.

So your just one of those people that like to complain about having a job because you don't like to actually work, you just want money without effort. I have worked there since I was 17 and have never been written up. Not for calling out, being late, nothing. If someone does, that means it is a constant problem with that person.

So stop lying just because you slacked off and you were reprimanded for your own actions. Stop blaming the company for your screw ups.


Actually, Walgreens does not accept doctor's notes for calling off. If you have no sick days, it's a write up.

The only ones not getting written up are those that do more sucking up than working. Seeing that you said you have never been written up for being late, or calling off it's easy to see that either you are a slacker that knows whose butt to kiss, or you are a liar.


Wow Couldcareless... You must work at an awful store!

I guess management varies from store to store.

But Ive been at Walgreens for years, and i am certainly NOT an *** kisser or anything to that effect, and Ive never been written up for being absent (provided that Ive presented a Dr's note) it is illegal for employers to take any sort of action against an employee who has provided a reasonable Drs. letter.

I think that you should try changing stores if yours is so horrible for you.


send an email complaint about this location to Walgreen corporate. But, as you indicated, stop going there. They apparently do not need your or anyone else's business.


Are the original posts being edited before posted by server? My original post has been altered and is full of major typos that were not there when I submitted it. How weird...