Salem, Illinois

If my title (Are the Qualifications to be Employed at the Walgreens Pharmacy are you have to be Rude and Nasty?)

The answer is YES. I have tried different pharmacys but for some reason the Walgreen employees are the nastiest pharmacists and front desk employees I have ever dealt with in my life.

Why is that? I truly mean why is that? I sit and ponder the rational of my own question and come up with nothing. Does the Walgreens Corporation review this site?

Do they even care how much their employees effect their customers or even us as people? It's funny how customer service works. How much a simple extra pleasant gesture can make from one person to another. What a change in a person's day these nasty employees can make if they just took a mere second to treat the customer with kindness and helpfullness.

That one second of effort? Is that really take that much time?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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Lindesberg, Orebro Lan, Sweden #198545

If it always happens, could it be you that is mean and nasty?


Sorry to hear your experience. We have three Walgreens here in Yakima, Washington, and I shop them all the time, but I have never had to deal with employees less than courteous and helpful.

However it's at Wal-MART I usually run into the real "winners" for rude employees. LOL

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