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I had a prescription called in to a local pharmacy they refused tip fill it because it was 29 days not 30 because they said i shouldn't be out and i could just come tomorrow That is true except that i work all day i can't get it until the evening when i am supposed to take it in the morning. I would like to know when their pharmacists became doctors and decide when refills should be done my dr was livid and said he was going to recommend other pharmacies

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You must not need it too bad if you’re not going to pick it up on your way to work.


No it said right on the prescription when I picked it up that it could be filled after the 17th of the month that was 2 days before I went to get it. I have picked the prescription up a day or two before the 30days many times. I was told that this was the new pharmacy managers rules.


Well, if you pick it up early all the time, shouldn't you have extra? Sounds like you're abusing it and they're onto you.


Was it a C2? Have you refilled early before?

It can also depend on the laws of your state. Ask if someone else can pick it up for you.