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I went into the store to purchase cigarettes and pick up a photo order. When getting to the cash register, I asked the cashier for a pack of cigarettes and the cashier asked me for ID.

I have been a customer in this particular store for over 9 years, and in all that time have never once been asked for ID except to pick up a prescription order. Instead of explaining the change in store policy the cashier called the assistant store manager over. He asked what the issue was.. It was explained and he went on to explain that I would need my ID to purchase cigarettes and there had been a change in store policy.

Needless to say I did get annoyed, but not because of the cigarettes. Because of the way the manager was speaking to me. He was speaking to me like I was not capable of understanding that there was a change in store policy and all customers needed to provide ID for purchasing tobacco products. And not only was he speaking to me like I was an idiot, he did it in front of several other customers in the store, causing me embarrassment.

Apparently this store manager needs a lesson in customer service and how to speak to people.

Walgreens has lost a loyal customer. I will be taking my prescriptions and other business to another pharmacy for now on!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Pros: We have been blacklisted.

Walgreens Cons: Insensitive customer service, Customer service and how treated.

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Why is it such a hassle to show ID? I’m well over 21 and anytime I go to buy alcohol I get my id out beforehand, show it immediately and I’m on my way with absolutely no inconvenience. It’s not hard at all.