I went to pick up a prescription today to replace the wrong one that they filled yesterday the pharmacist told me yesterday his name was Ben said to bring back everything and it was their fault because they automatically fill the wrong prescription and this woman big short hair blue frame glasses would not give me her name slam things around was very rude to me and I said you're not being very nice and she gave me this glare and then she did not want to refund my money like a pharmacist said yesterday she tried to tell me there was only a woman Pharmacy yesterday I said no there was a man I talked to him and she had to go back and questioned everybody to make sure and then she was even more ticked off at me because she had to refund my money she went through all kinds of steps and I told her I said you're being you should be ashamed of yourself shame on you I've seen you treat other seniors just like you've treated me today I don't know how you keep your job I'd walked away saying shame on you.

User's recommendation: Not if you have to deal with this nasty lady probably in her thirties early forties and she acts like it is a sin for any of us to question her our mistake which was clearly their mistake the pharmacist even said so.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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She sounds charming.


Oh it’s ok they make mistake but not customer