I was lied to by this pharmacy!!! Took three days to get my prescription filled that I have been taking for months!

I talked to two different people in the pharmacy who were both very rude! I had to get my doctor involved I had to get my insurance company to call them! My insurance company said the claim for the meds had been approved and should of been released to me yesterday! This medication is for seizures!!!

The very rude pharmacy staff was rude to my husband and myself! They told me I had to wait till the 30th day for my prescription! I have never had to do that! For years I have filled my prescription 7 days ahead!

I was lied to and treated very rudely! This was my favorite Walgreens!!! After this experience I don't know if I will shop at any Walgreens ever again! My insurance company told me they were rude to them as well...

I work retail this is very very poor customer service! I felt as though I was also treated poorly because I'm not Filipino! When my husband picked up my meds he actually observed how nice the Filipino woman infront of him was treated and he was treated poorly! I even told the tech or who ever I will never use this pharmacy again and she said that's fine and hung up on me!

I'm very insulted and angry how I was treated! I can definitely use Safeway target cvs! I will also tell everyone I know not to use that place!

Very rude! This was three days of ***!

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depending on what the medication was at the time, even tho its a seizure medication, the meds are often taken inappropriately for recreational purposes. the color of your skin has nothing to do with what happened to you. blame the insurance company/ pharmacy since you wasn't informed that there is a "fill by date" and "expiration date" on the medication label.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States #615747

The pharmacy can fill a script if the script is valid. Meaning written by a real doctor, isn't expired, and is properly filled out.

The insurance will tell the pharmacy how much to charge you - not the pharmacy. The insurance will tell the pharmacy "refill too soon" which then you can get your meds, but for cash price (meaning your insurance will not cover it. Because they think you have enough and shouldn't need any early).

If it's a control, no matter how many times you nag them, they cannot legally give it to you. Even with a new script from a new doctor.

Your story makes no sense.

to Jim Naples, Florida, United States #615783

Actually, Jim, controls can be dispensed early with an authorization from the doctor, or a new script from the doctor with dosage changes. However, if the scripts are written by different doctors for similar or the same medication, the pharmacist is required to suspect doctor shopping and act accordingly.

to LadyScot San Francisco, California, United States #616049

You need a life lady Scott as I see your negative comments in all kinds of other posts!!! Floriduh

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #616065

Some people can not handle truth, just like some can not handle the word NO. I have a life.

I work as a pharmacy tech and I know the rules, regulations, and Federal law.

Just keep popping your pills. Eventually you will kick the bucket and no one will have to deal with your stupidity anymore.


O.K. I guess we are suppose to think this is not controlled?

If it's not then the pharmacy would have no problem giving it to you. Although something tells me it IS controlled. Something like xanax or klonopin. If that's the case (and I think it is) You can tell the insurance co.

that said it "should have been released to you yesterday" to release it to you themselves. Oh that's right they CAN'T. Insurance does not dictate when you get a med. it dictates when they will pay for a med.

Why don't you call the DEA and ask when you can get your meds? Because you know dam well they would tell you 30 days from the last 30 day supply you got. If the dr. wants you to have it early let the dr.

write a new rx with new directions and write on the rx in his/her own handwriting "ok to fill early" I bet you the dr. won't want you to have it early that bad. not bad enough to put their license on the line. You can't put a complaint on here and tell half truths.

you have to tell the whole story.

not just the part that makes you look good and the pharmacy look evil like they get off on holding peoples seizure meds. I bet it wasn't keppra

to Really? #614339

Obviously none of you can read!! In case of natural disasters you are legally able to fill your meds a week in advance!

I never had a problem till I switched to this pharmacy!!!

Also if you all can read my doc was involved as well as my insurance co who had to call them and get rude treatment as well! I am a blue collar worker I have no high and mighty self entitlement!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #615612

Obviously you do not work as a pharmacy tech or a pharmacist. Natural disasters do not let you fill "a week in advance". Hahahaha...I laughed at that one.

to LadyScot San Francisco, California, United States #615748


to LadyScot #698356

no really you do need a life ladyscot especially if your on here responding to every post related to pills you junky lmao just go slip another oxy and slip away loser and quit reposting with differant names bashing people when your a junky your self most likely

Naples, Florida, United States #613183

What was the medication? Was insurance involved?

There are many reasons why you would be told to wait til the 30th day.

Being told NO is NOT rudeness no matter how whiney self entitled customers think it does. YOU attitude at them doing their job and following the law is rudeness.

to LadyScot #614335

Ok I did have my insurance company call that pharmacy and poof my meds where ready! I did not lie or tell half truths!

This Walgreens has horrible customer service! I work in a grocery store! You don't treat you customer like *** As far as what meds that's not the point!

The point is ,,, that who are they over my doctor and insurance to make a medical decision for me! They are not!

Tampa, Florida, United States #612807

So what you're saying is you fill a controlled substance and for no actual reason, the pharmacist should release it to you early? It doesn't matter what your insurance says. Quit refilling controlled drugs early and maybe you'll run out of *** to *** about.

to larry smith Seattle, Washington, United States #615587

I do not refill my prescriptions to early and I am a hard working mother of two! Maybe you guys are all Walgreens employees and thus being so hostel!

Or maybe it's due to the fact that half of you people on this site live in Florida...:( explains alot! I don't know about you but I really don't care to waste my time haggling with a rude pharmacy for three days! Needless to say I switched back to my old pharamacy where your not treated like *** Tried this pharmacy as it was closer to my home! What a mistake!

Also I should of just called and complained instead of conversing with you people! IF ANY OF YOU WHERE TREATED THE WAY I WAS YOU WOULD HAVE FELT THE SAME....there for I believe all the comments I have read on other complaints as well must all be Walgreens employees with no life!!!

This site is horrible! Bye bye

to Anonymous #615589

Also to add I never run out of my medication! I'm not a pill popping junkie! Wish I didn't have to take any of this ***!!!

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