While on vacation in Sarasoda I was told it was no problem to fill my drugs while their it was to early to fill before leaving home What a joke I was told it was out of stock and don't brother trying any other walgreens,no one had it.

So thank goodness for CVS,my meds was filled with no problem.I know the Fla stores deal a lot with show birds and might be tired but just bad service

I have worked at my present job 30 years and believe to stay in business all companies should have some pride in what they do.I really felt this was just plan lazy on their part.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #618757

how were they lazy? what are you talking about?

they were lazy because they didn't look in their crystal ball and see some *** was coming in town to get their meds so we better order them. or was it because they saved you from driving all over town to find a walgreens that had them in stock by telling you dont waste your time, maybe they should have let you waste your vacation looking for your drugs.

the only reason cvs had it is because they dispensed for someone in the past. do you really think pharmacies have every drug there is out there just incase someone comes in with a rx.

to for real? Naples, Florida, United States #618882

I swear everytime I tell someone some medication is out of stock and we have to order they ask me WHY DIDN'T I ORDER EXTRA? Seriously?

Because I have a magic locker to store all the over stock in? Also, once the medication is opened to be dispensed the clock starts ticking on the expiration. On a small 30 pill bottle this is not an issue, but on a 500 pill bottle it is. And so sorry that someone git there first.

Some medications we do not keep in stock for good reason. Either we rarely dispense it, or it is a narcotic.

We only only those when we have a script. And by federal law, we are only allowed a specific number of certain narcotics per year.

to LadyScot #635829

too funny. They want drug prices lowered, and they want the drug stores to lose money on expired drugs. ridiculous.

Naples, Florida, United States #618663

Lazy? Because they were out of a medication?

Guess what ***? YOU are not the only person who takes it.

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