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I have several receipts saved with many prescriptions (27 in all) since November that are apparently not eligible for their balance rewards program. I've called their customer service several times and submitted tickets to corporate on numerous occasions only to be told that there isn't anything that they can do.

(I'll just be added to the list of the other people who have had this issue)I have at least 13,500 points that they have denied me receiving because apparently i have government funded insurance. I have only had BCBS for the 3 years.

Pharmacy techs and the customer service reps can't help... I'll just keep my receipts until they figure how to get their head out of their *** and give me my money.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Found out that it's the copay card that stopped it. All fixed now.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #796283

I have had this same thing just happen to me. Walgreens will not add any points to my Rewards card when I purchase prescriptions because apparently as of March 1, 2014 their system says that our prescriptions are government funded.

We have no ties to any government jobs, whether local or federal in nature. We have no ties to any government subsidized insurance or monetary benefits. Up until the first of March,everything was fine. Out of nowhere someone through their program has done an audit and flagged our account.

I have called twice now. The person on the phone cannot help me. All they can do is start a ticket for investigation. I am not allowed to speak to someone who knows what they're doing.

I am now told that the investigation should take 8 to 12 weeks, possibly up to 6 months. I find it amazing how it took them mere seconds to erroneously flag our account but will now take them up to six months to investigate and fix the problem. Until then, any prescription we fill there will not be eligible for rewards points.

In our household, that is the equivalent of 12,500 points per month. I find this utterly ridiculous!

Pineville, North Carolina, United States #627670

Give you "your money". So let me get this right.....

walgreens rewards customers with points for prescriptions which can then be used to discount transactions on future purchases? So where in that sentence makes you "entitled" to anything. The bitter truth is this.... you have government subsidized insurance.

Its not fair that you earn points that can then be worth monetary value when I and other citzens taxes are paying large portions of your premiums. You would essentailly be making money of something that is already being paid for you.


Not their fault. The government is tying their hands.

Reverse the situation. Would you take a million dollar lawsuit from the government to make happy a guy who has $10 worth of points? If you have that much of a problem, shop somewhere else.

It's not rocket science. They got my prescription problem straightened out, and though they didn't give me any points for my trouble they were extremely nice about it even though it was my fault to begin with (due to an old co-pay).


i know someone else this happened to. After months of investigating i'm pretty sure we figured it out.

even though she has regular ins. she uses a coupon with her advair and they said the co-pay savings card is "partially" govt. funded, do you use a co-pay savings card where they run a rx thru ins. then run the co-pay thru a discount card.

I know nexium, crestor and probally some others have that coupon.

and even if you don't use a coupon if you have in the last 6 months you wont get the points. this isn't a walgreens thing, there is some law the govt has.

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