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While shopping in a Walgreens, which advertised "Open 24 hours", on Friday, 7/6/12 at 9:45 pm, I needed to use the bathroom. It had a sign, "Closed for routine maintenance." I could smell the bleach, which meant it was clean.

A manager was paged. I waited for someone to come, but no one came. So I went to the front of the store and asked if I could use the bathroom. A lady carrying a garbage bag answered, " The bathrooms are locked at 9 pm." What kind of sense does this make?

If the store is open 24 hours, shouldn't the bathrooms also be open! This store is located on the corner of 441 and 27 in Leesburg, FL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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It’s not closed to prevent shoplifting-though that’s jut a plus. Restrooms tend to be open during pharmacy hours due to patients who are waiting to pick up prescriptions.

Its not easy pleasing all customers when people want stock checks, more cashiers, personal help finding products, and everyone is busy to go open the restroom that is a mess because people don’t care to clean up after themselves. Might not be familiar to some, but many Walgreens struggle with this because they are in busy foot traffic locations.

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I had a similar experience at store 03519. I asked for a restroom as I was paying for my merchandise.

Policies like this are ridiculous- there are plenty of other methods to deter theft, which doesn't happen exclusively at night. Plenty of businesses allow their customers to use the restroom at night. So much for 'convenience!' The saleswoman was incredibly rude about it as well, which is just unacceptable. I was hardly asking for anything unusual or inherently suspicious!

I usually avoid stores like these due to their petty anti-customer policies, but I was on the road and had limited options.

After tonight, I won't be coming back- even for a once in a blue moon visit like tonight. I guess Walgreens should start thinking about product loss versus customer loss- as expressed over an adult lifespan.


I went in to a Walgreens to get something for nausea for my husband he had a stomach virus while I was in there I felt nauseas and ask to use the bathroom and they said it was closed and I said I really feel like I'm going to puke he said to go outside on my way out the door I puked all over the floor the guy was shocked I said that's what you get for not letting me use the bathroom.

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I have Crohn's Disease... Sometimes you just have to go!!!

What an idiotic comment, go ahead of time, as adults we know this.

If you have certain chronic illnesses there is actually a federal law in place to allow you to use the restroom! Walgreens has not heard the last of this yet!!!!

to Anonymous Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #630987

So does my best friend's husband, and he never complains when someone's bathroom is closed or does not offer one for public use. If it is closed you complain. If they are dirty you complain.


How about understand that after a certain hour some, not all, 24 hours stores will close the restroom to try and deter shoplifters. It is the individual stores policy.


It would make sense for an adult like yourself to know that the floors are still wet and that this is only temporary. It would also make sense for an adult such as yourself to go ahead of time instead of last minute.

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