Douglas, Wyoming
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Every time I go to Walgreens Pharmacy there is an issue! Computer crashed, they forgot to cap the liquid medicine they sent out in the drivethru (duh), can we get your ins card (for the 3rd time) even tho your late for work now and there are 14 people behind you.

I think they only hire 15 year old nit wits.

One time they completly forgot to fill a Rx 5 hours after I dropped if off---steam out my ears!!! this is what they are all trained for and do for a living, I cant imagine if we all got together and tallied the mistaked in Gillette, WY!!!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Where are you located in Douglas who?guueqib


Its got nothing to do with being perfect either, reality check...who is? Gillette Walgreens is a JOKE!

Go to Medicap-that is service! :zzz I quit Walgreens long ago!


BLAH BLAH BLAH! A little effort goes a long ways.

What am I an ***? We will never get our RX at Walgreens again. Medicap is GREAT. They are quick and know what they are doing-duh.

In my business I would have been fired for the *** that goes on at Walgreens! Ridiculous and uncalled for. Effort people. Other pharmacies are doing it!

Tired of the excuses already! Cry me a river :cry


I understand your anger but take a second to look at reality. Almost all people have Rx insurance now.

They will wait all day to get their script b/c the insurance saves them money. So Walgreens puts no help at all in the store. It has nothing to do with the employee's training. If you're there by yourself with a line of people waiting to drop off scripts, a line of people waiting to get rung up, a pile of prescritions to be processed,a line at the drive thru and a bunch of phones all ringing.- Well it make NO difference how qualified you are.

Everybody is just going to get really poor service. Just tahnk God it's not you serving angry people all day every day.

Lindesberg, Orebro Lan, Sweden #197856

Sorry everyone is not perfect like you. From now on get your scripts from Taco Bell.

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