Kennewick, Washington
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I am finally done with Walgreen's pharmacy. In the past 3 years they have made 8 errors in my refills.

The last straw was being shorted on an important prescription, their refusal to make up the shortage, leaving me with out medication for 7 days. But they made sure they billed my insurance company for the full prescription. They acknowledged their error after I had my insurance company contact them. Go figure.

I experienced terrible customer service before and during my time with Walgreens. It will not happen in the future because I will NEVER darken their door for any reason. In our community they have three locations. I gave each location at least 6 to 10 months to prove their abilities.

All three locations failed miserably. They have lost my business, my families business, and anyone else I can share my experience with. My boss's brother is a pharmasist in the mid-west. He said his brothers business has doubled because his best referral is Walgreens.

Horror stories. Many purchases one makes are not life threatening but you are risking your life by trusting Walgreens with your prescriptions. The few dollars you might save are not worth risking your health, also the drive up option is a huge waste of time. If you have at least 20 to 30 minutes to waste waiting in line then Walgreens might be your pharmacy of choice.

I sincerely can not remember any positive experiences in shopping at Walgreen's. I hope I haved added a longer life and less stress for consumers who takes my advise and choose another company to do business with.

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Walgreen's doesn't know the meaning of customer service. They are rude, make mistakes on refills and even though I have the same scripts filled every month they never have the complete refill.

Now they will run it through my insurance for the full amount but I get half of what it is written for. I changed pharmacies and even though it is a couple miles from my home I will go several miles away rather than give them my business.


I couldn't agree with you more. I know my entire family has transferred all medication and will not patronize Walgreens.

We have received medication with MORE pills then prescribed from them. We have had medication NOT AVAILABLE have to make multiple trips to pick up. The customer service internally with this corporation on the corporate level is just as inadequate as the pharmacy. I have reported them to the BBB for a problem I have been having with them billing my insurance in error for months now.

Hopefully the BBB will help straighten the mess out since corporate seems not to care and now they are outsourcing to India and the Phillipines laying off hundreds of American Workers. YES MY BUSINESS has left Walgreens door step FOREVER!


It is not only the Walgreen's free standing stores..I ordered online..5 of the Snuggie's for Xmas gifts..Received 3 emails telling me there were shipped on 11/30/09....Well have got nothing...Called customer service 3 times..Asked for a tracking number..They gave me some number starting with 0...NOT a UPS tracking number as they had stated it was shipped by...I am so frustrated..They have my money..I have no product...The customer service rep's are aweful..RUDE..MEAN..NASTY...THEN I WAS PUT ON HOLD..Another person came on the line..I had to go over it all again of course to no avail...I have emailed as well..All with the same answer..We don't know..I will be doing a chargeback to my credit card account and am no longer a Walgreen's customer..Beware..Stay away



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