Parker, Colorado
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i had been with walgreens for 7 years, WHAT A JOKE. i had seen black mold for about 6 months went to my store manager she told me to put a ticket in with store care store net anyways, i put a ticket in for the mold on 4/23/19 and i was fired 4/25/19 ummmmmm my last review i scored 4.8 i never called in and worked all the time covering shifts.

i had been sick from 11/17 to current, i need help i have pictures and employees still call me and state they never came out to clean fix or anything on the mold!!!! walgreens doesn't care about there employees

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No they don't ,I was fired for speaking to a shoplifter 13 years later ,never had a write up for it .But I was 5 months away from turning 65.They have a young Man working there who snatched Merchandize from a Shoplifters Hand ,guess what he still works there. Sorry you have to go through this .Call the health department and file a complain with OSHA


Why would you get fired just for speaking to a shoplifter? That doesn't make any sense!


I agree with you. Some of these people on here appear to be three sheets to the wind. Jimmy Swaggart lost his televangelist empire simply for talking to Debra Murphy in a no-tell motel room.