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I went to my regular pharmacy to fill my rx's this morning & my "regular" pharmacist changed her schedule. I made nice w/pharmacist, whom I never saw& is the pharmacy manager.

After an hour(my 25 yr old daughter is terminal & her oxygen tank was running very low) & he called me up, rx's in hand, saying there r new guidelines, they were "stacked"(1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3), asked if I had another Dr. who could write them...bottom line: "sorry, no Walgreens will b able to fill my rx's"! Went to 1 by my house, saw a great float I know, when preparing to fill them, said he saw lower on my profile that the other pharmacist black listed me & was so apologetic, but couldn't explain..other than it wasn't "me". Called corporate.

Was told CEO doesn't get involved w/pharmacy issues!!! Said no longer can call regional manager but talk to store manager. Went to publix..they filled my morphine & said they expect the oxycodone tomorrow.

Also left my fioricet(migraine med). Went back to 1st walgreens because my girl was finally in(5 hrs had gone by)...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: discrimination& defamation of character.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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your story is one of thousands so so so sad.


Couldn't finish. Went back to my girl and she said blacklist not "personal", it's for 3 months and if I had just brought morphine and oxycodone, supposedly would have been filled.

The headache med was the problem...she said next month if I just bring those 2, she could fill them. Meantime, hoping publix gets the oxycodone tomorrow. My dr. doesn't work with cvs, so basically out of options.

Left home at 7:30 am w/ sick home st 5:00! She said no one can do anything about the "blacklist"! Cynthia, is there any way to get these pharmacists in their place??? They r there to fill rx's a Dr.

writes! Not act like G-d!

I've gone through this for 10 years! I'm 52, sick, watching my daughter dying...I can't take this!!!

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