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Walgreens cheats you out of bonus reward points if you use a store credit it pay for

ANY portion of your purchase. And if you are shopping on senior day beware...

Trying to take advantage of buy $x amount of products to get points they minus your discount so you have to buy more. Sleezy cheap shotty business practices. called customer service they said they could not change anything.

Also I never received a single bonus point for my Rx as i was told they are-not eligible however I read on their web page 500 points per RX. Will not shop there again.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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First, if you read in the fine print about 500 points per Rx, you'll also notice it doesn't count for governmentally funded insurances. No Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare because it is illegal to do so. Secondly, if the points are for spending, for example, $10 on a product, why shouldn't you have to spend that much, discount or not.


Say, one purchased some items which rewarded the customer 3000 points. They decide to return this item without the receipt, so this way, their points won't get deducted. They get back the money via a store credit card, and now they have their money back plus the points. This is why you cannot earn points with store credit. It's a giant loophole they were sure to close up.

Even employees have to face the same issue as you with their discount like the senior discount. Sure, you have to buy another item, but at least you're getting that item for a discount anyway.

Rx points can be a pain mainly because of federal/government paid insurances are excluded from receiving points due to whatever regulations. I wouldn't really know what exactly, for I use Tricare.

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