Naples, Florida

I have been a Walgreens customer my entire life. I spend literally hundreds of dollars a month at Walgreens and to have been treated so poorly by so many Walgreens pharmacists is completely unacceptable!

I have a chronic pain condition from a severe accident over 20 years ago and have been going to a highly respected Neurologist here in Naples, Florida since I moved here 14 years ago.

I have also gone to Walgreens this entire time to fill my prescriptions. Until about 6 months ago, I never had a problem. Then I started bringing them my prescriptions and they were out of them. I went to several different Walgreens and they ALL told me they did not have my scripts. I then had to go to a different pharmacy. then a couple months later , THAT pharmacy did not have my prescriptions and I had to go to CVS. (But every month I would TRY to get my prescriptions from Walgreens, but they were "OUT"- supposedly)

So now we get to today. I get my legitimate prescriptions from my doctor. I go to Walgreens. the pharmacist acts like he is getting ready to fill them, but hesitates and goes over to his computer where he proceeds to spend a full 5 minutes looking over my records. Walks over to me and gives me a very stern look and says, "I WILL NOT fill these." and walks away. I asked him why and he said "It is up to me whether or not I fill a prescription and I am not comfortable filling yours." What the *** IS THAT!!!

I was so furious!

I then proceed to go to 3 more Walgreens. They all look up my records and hand me back my scripts! Very rudely I might add and tell me "Nope."

The last place I went. I asked the pharmacist what the *** is going on?! I've been a Walgreens customer for my entire life (I'm 45 years old)and now I'm on some *** "Black List". WHY!!!! She then replied very smartassedly, "Go to blah blah and let THEM fill these for you!" and walked away. That's when I realized what their problem was. They didn't like that I went to several different pharmacies over the past several months. But that's THEIR fault! They are the reason I had to go elsewhere to begin with! What a bunch of idiots! I will NEVER set foot inside another Walgreens again! And I will spread the word to everyone I meet, Walgreens cares about no one! Maybe when they see their numbers going down they'll change their tune.

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Your doctor may approve of a drug but not be aware that you are also getting the drug from another or even several other doctors. The pharmacies can usually see that and they are obligated to not fill it.

I also doubt very seriously if they are just blowing you off with a casual statement. You are just saying that to make your sorry tale sound better.

I'm sure their telling you why, but that would undermine your story.

Naples, Florida, United States #784052

maybe you should stop taking pain meds that can kill and normal person.

to aa Crown Point, Indiana, United States #787328

YOUR CAR can KILL so maybe you should stop driving!

It still amazes me how people can be so ignorant, no I mean callus! Ignorant that's expected given how they are raised here in America, the TV the schools, heck we program them to be this lost and evil.

And to think there are people in prison for smoking a joint BUT this guy is still on the loose, boy do we have a src%^ed up set of morals!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #698000

I am a pharmacy technician at a walgreens in SA and I know for a fact that a pharmacist will not deny an RX just because he feels like it. Usually if he of she refuses to fill a controlled substance RX, its because they have a legitimate


Maybe you're trying to fill it way too early, maybe there is a dangerous interaction with one of the other medications you are taking; there are many legitimate reasons why a pharmacist might not fill an RX. And I find it odd that EVERY walgreens you went to denied your RX. If you met all the legal requirements for having it filled then they would have done so without question. At least that's how it works at my pharmacy, I don't know about the ones in your town.

Over here, when we receive controlled substance RXs, we check the last pick up date and make sure the pt is not picking up the medication early and then we

check for a valid DEA and DPS #, we check to see that the RX hasn't expired and then we need to verify that it is not possibly a copied RX and an original hard copy. We don't play around with controls and we would rather lose a few angry customers than break the law and dispense something that has not met requirement to be filled, putting our jobs and licenses in jeopardy, having a black mark against our names and possibly not being able to work in the field again. The pharmacists should have provided you with a valid reason for not being able to fill it. They can't just throw the RX back at you and say "nope", good pt care and customer service play a huge part in Walgreens policy and if they did that to you, then you should report it to corporate.

The primary focus of a pharmacy is to dispense medication for pts that need it and have VALID RXs but unfortunately people will try to pull a fast one and get substances for unlawful purposes. Because of those people, the DEA had to step in and tighten the already stringent policies surrounding controlled substances. We won't just turn you away because we don't "feel comfortable filling your RX" however. We need to provide you with a valid reason as it is our purpose to get you your meds and get you up and well.

I don't want to be rude, I'm sorry that you're in chronic pain, a good tech and pharm will usually try to the best of their ability to serve a pt with the highest standards. It is part of the job to care for the pts and I'm sorry if you are being disrespected but we also have to follow protocol and sometimes it doesnt work in the favor of the pt. We always try our best to help in anyway we can but a lot of things aren't under our control sometimes.

I personally fill my RXs at Walgreens (not the one where I work) and I always have positive experiences. Again I'm sorry, have a great day and be well.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #671920

I'm with you I am never going to Walgreens again for anything. They should not have the power to override what my doctor prescribes and that's what they do when they refuse to fill a script. Of course I won't do business with anyone who would lie to me or be rude to me.


I TOTALLY agree with you. I just had a pharmacist REFUSE to refill my anxiety medication DESPITE my doctor and my insurance company approving it.

I asked her why she couldn't give it to me and she told me, "It's up to me to choose not to refill 3 days early and you SHOULD still have some left." I told her I did but that I liked to get all my scripts filled early, to make sure I have them. She wouldn't back down. She outright refused to give me my medication. I told here that since the doc and the insurance company were fine with it, she should give me my Rx.

She still refused, talked down to me like I'm a drug addict and told me I could pick my Rx up on Monday. That's not the point. This is NOT the first time this specific pharmacist has done this to me regarding this Rx. She likes the control, apparently.

I am switching all my prescriptions over to another pharmacy. I've read a lot online after dealing with her about how awful Walgreens is about releasing controlled substances. Well, they've lost a customer. Customers don't appreciate being treated like drug addicts.

Let me add that I have Bipolar Type 1 Disorder and Panic Disorder. Does anyone else think this is complete BS?

I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Sorry you've had to deal with their BS too.

to Samantha Bradenton, Florida, United States #661802

It appears that Walgreens is now out of control with the power given to them by the *** powers that be. This behavior is probably why they weren't given this authority initially.

Seems that the moment they were given the power to be jerks, they became them, especially the pharmacists at Walgreens. They just did the same thing to one of my friends in Stockbridge, Georgia today. With websites like (and plenty more like this one) showing the real personalities of these people, it is nothing short of a crime to allow them this kind of control over our lives and health.

I'm not sure of the proper people to complain to yet, but we all need to drown that agency in complaints until they take the power back away from them. They clearly do not deserve it.

to Samantha #734838

unfortunately just because your dr says its ok doesnt always make it correct. and if you are filling something early then a pharmacist has a legal right to refuse it or not.. the pharmacist is held accountable for the prescription by the drug enforcement agency...and im guessing your dr would care less if that pharmacist was stripped of his or her license by breaking dispensing laws...sorry but thats the way it is...if you dont like how the drug enforcement agency is President Obama...

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