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Visited a Walgreens near where I worked on 06/05/2018. 17955 Wolf Rd Orland Park Illinois.

Just went in to purchase snacks. They were on sale. When I got to the register; I put my items down, to be rung up. Greeted the cashier.

Gave her my Walgreens card. She then stated; "just to let you know; this sale is for people 55 and over". I'm 60. Will be 61 this month.

I told her thanks for letting me know. She then stated; I'm just letting you know. It's going to be on you (my conscious for purchasing item's she said we're on sale for people 55 and over). Guess she didn't believe I was the age I said I was.

I then asked her; did she need to see ID. She then stated; oh no! Although someone behind me stated, you look good for your age; I still felt insulted, and disrespected. I'm black.

She was an older woman as well. White.

Did survey. Still felt an apology was expected.

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To begin with why did you have to tell us that you were black and she is white???? Why didn't you just take it as a compliment and move certainly DO NOT need an apology.

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