Syracuse, New York
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Pharmacist was a young girl with a mousy, passive baby voice. She was a Passive aggressive and unprofessional not to mention, misinformed. She got into an ego match with me because I'm a medical professional and knew about the over the counter flu medicine I was asking for. To make a long story short, she refused to give me her name and refused to tell me about the med I was asking for. Then she proceeded to give one of the assistant store managers (who was an even more angry and immature than she was), my personal medical history so that she could have the last word and council me through him because I refused to talk to her.

When I told him he was not legally obliged to council me on meds nor did he have the right to have access to my previous medical history, he told me that the pharmacist told him to tell me and then gave me a dirty look.

When I tried to get names by talking to other employees, they went into immediate "cover each other's but" mode.

I wouldn't trust their pharmacists, I wouldn't except my information in their computers to remain confidential, and I won't ever go back there again.

I filed a complaint against her license to the NY State Board of Pharmacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacist, Insulting pharmacist, Pharmacy is constantly messing up, Breach of my privacy.

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If you knew about the flu medicine you wanted, what did you want to ask about it? You sound like an egotistical "medical professional" who tried to talk down to a pharmacist and got owned.


"Counsel" not "council." However, just remember that stores don't always hire the best and the brightest.