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I filled my babies script at a Walgreens the other night. When I went to prepare my child's dose, something caught my attention. I called the pharmacy to find out if this was the correct dose. The dumb tech told me "uh... uh... yeah that's right. Oh wait, hold on a sec. No, the right dose is 1/5 the recommended dose. Come back so we can print out the right instructions."

If I wouldn't have thought anything of it, I would have given my child five times the recommended dose and killed my kid. When I went into to talk to the head pharmacist, she acted like an ***. I didn't care for my money back... I wanted someone to take real responsibility of what had happened. I'll never come back... nor will my friends and family.

You could easily have recommended a death! I hope everyone is carefull enough to watch out for the world of dumb people and your own life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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do you actually know what the ER and DR stand for? Look them up, it has to do with the chemical release and many of them ARE interchangable.


Yes they have given us the wrong form (he was on ER and they gave him DR) before and they didn't catch it until two months later. They blamed the dr for filling out the epic script wrong but they never caught that the form of med had been switched. I told them 'no , the reason we have pharmacist is to catch these things" they finally agreed to report it as a mistake (its a mark against them)


Didn't the doctor who prescribed this tell you what you should take?


First of all, you should find out the who filled the script. Once you do that, you take legal and drastic action!!!

And another thing, did the Pharmacist even go over the script with you?

Because if they did, the Pharmacist should have noticed such a life threatening mistake! Finally, the tech who filled the script should be fired on the spot.

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