If you are reading this, you need to report this as fraud with the Federal Trade Commission 'ReportFraud.ftc.gov' which they 100% are. I emailed Walgreens customer care complaining of receiving solicitations even though I opted out numerous times over a span of months and they continue now sending me direct emails which request that I provide my Name, Phone Number and DOB to be removed from their list!!!

Wow, that is bold, why the *** is my personal information needed to be removed from emails that I never asked for? Are they collecting a database on me and millions of others? I immediately responded basically saying "no, I wont provide personal information in response to receiving unwanted solicitations, take me off your list just like every other ECommerce company can do without my personal information!!! Damn is this blatantly illegal.

I followed up sending those emails in another fraud notice to the Federal Trade Commission, we'll see if this leads to anything. There is power in numbers so I suggest you send yours as well.

Perhaps one day there will be someone pissed enough to file a class action lawsuit and get us all to join and make Walgreens feel some pain.

I think it is entirely needed to combat these big companies with immoral ways of conducting business. But I have enough to worry about and cannot begin contemplating taking such recourse myself.

User's recommendation: ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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I am contacting the federal trade commission about the fraud Walgreens is using to not allow people to unsubscribe. This is so invasive and tests the legality of this “unprofessional” company holding customers hostage to their constant advertising snd promotions . The government needs to help us and protect us!


They’re not contacting me, so I have no dog in this game. Try to fight your own battles.