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I've tried unsuccessfully for 2 months to unsubscribe from Walgreens promotions and newsletters. I even called them to find out how to do it since the usual process didn't work. I was told that it would take 6 MONTHS!

Are you kidding me? This violates all the internet rules for proper conduct. This is absurd. It doesn't take them more than a few seconds to get my prescription information into their system, but when you want to get away from their spam, it takes 6 months? Nonsense.

SHAME ON WALGREENS! I will not shop there anymore. Hello CVS.

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I have been getting Walgreen spam texts. I do not shop there, never have set foot in one of their stores yet I'm getting their spam texts on my phone.

I told them to stop yet nothing happens. Their unprofessional and illegal practice has convinced me to NEVER shop at a Walgreen's as long as I live.

I will definitely tell 20 more people not to shop there also. Great advertising right Walgreen's?


That's strange. All I can think of is that someone with a phone number real close to yours signed up for those texts and accidentally entered one of the numbers wrong.

Maybe it was an innocent mistake made by an old senile person who had trouble entering in the phone number because of their arthritis. They probably are wondering why they never got the texts they subscribed to.


I just tried unsubscribing to the Walgreens emails and the "unsubscribe" link doesn't work. Something in the maze of employees and bosses this site fell thru the cracks.

Now that's me giving them the benefit of the doubt. Having said that, I also believe it's entirely possible someone may have decided not to get rid of advertising any faster than they have to.


I never shop Walgreens! 6 to 10 spammails per day last 3 days. All start with “TH*(“ and then more alphanumeric s.


For any email address you can block people from responding to you like most websites do. You and Philip need to find a way to block them form sending messages to you.


I have exactly the same problem. I live overseas, so, I have (soon to be had!) a Walgreens account for each time I travel back home in the US, to get my meds..ya know.

IT turns out that they keep on spamming my email account, despite the fact that I have (presumably) unsubscribed from their mail lists using the link at the bottom of their SPAMs, also called them, chatted with one of them and emailed them.

NOTHING works.

So, I changed MY email address in my account to this: This is their contact email address for customer service issues. Let them have their own medicines !



Similar problem. I left the US several years ago and recently Walgreens started spamming me regularly with email.

I tried the Unsubscribe link but (at least after the first time) it tells me I am already unsubscribed.

I checked my online profile and I am not subscribed to any of their mailings.

I contacted their customer service by email and exchanged a couple of emails where they tried to help but the emails have not stopped.


I also have this problem. Every time I try to click "unsubscribe" in the email it takes me to a dead page and says the feature is unavailable.

I ended up signed up for there emails because of a flu shots at work, and now I am determined to never shop at Walgreens. Behavior like this from a company this large is unacceptable.


It wont let me unsubscribe either. *** me the *** off.


I have been trying for weeks to unsubscribe from mailings initiated by Walgreen Co. I get information for medication I don't even take.

From the Pharma companies themselves sometimes. I believe Walgreen Co. is at the bottom of this and spent the last hour getting the phone loop runaround becuase they don't want to take my call. What if a neighbor opens these envelopes?

This is very private information and should not be distributed via U.S. Post Office. I don't need more junk mail, no one does. The unsubscribe process doesn't work, see above.

Oh and get this. Walgreen Co.

makes money from the Pharma companies by doing this. Really mad now.


There’s an easy way around the spamming.. log into your account and change your email address to something fake.


No more email spam! While you’re at it remove any of your other personal information from the site like phone number, etc.

You can also complain to the FTC.

@Wallgreens ***ks

I get the stuff in my mailbox now! One or two per week.

@Snail Mail Recipient

Not only to I get Junk Mail from Walgreens for myself, but my incompetent postal worker gives me junk mail for other as well, and also I get c.r.a.p. mail all the time for people who haven't lived at my address in 15 years or more. I write on them "RETURN TO SENDER, NO SUCH PERSON, NO SUCH ZONE" but they keep sending them to me anyway.

@Wallgreens ***ks

Good idea, but that does not work either...

I changed my email to {{Redacted}} 8 months ago and I am still getting emails.


Walgreens does not let me unsubscribe either. I have marked all Walgreens emails as spam and set up a filter. I will not shop at Walgreens either!


Just got off the phone from talking with someone from Walgreens. She assured me that I've now been unsubscribed.

We'll see. However, I could not get the representative to understand that they have a problem w/their unsubscribing process.

Really? There are 3 sites dedicated to the problem but they don't think they have a problem?


Have the same problem here.. I'm sick of these emails.. I NEVER signed up for these emails!


Internet rules for proper conduct? Really?


I have the same issue. I unsubscribed more than a dozen times.

still get spam EVERYDAY.

I was a loyal customer. but no more!!


I've had exactly the same issue!