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i wrote a complaint just recently , about the treatment i got at walgreens,,here is another one , it was on a sunday . i get my prescription every 30 days , i went in to walgreens to get my prescription filled .

handed the guy a very joung guy my prescription and told him like i do every month for 6 years... i wait ..i waited and waited and waited , 2hours went by . i went to the desk and ask the guy about how much longer i have to wait , oh he said , i called in 2 times and did not get a responce , . i ask him you called who ..he said where you get your prescription from .

i told him , are you crazy ?? you know what date is today ? anmd the date on my prescription ?? yes he said .

i told him . do ypou know . or can think that noone is at the office on sunday ? well he said ,,i cant fill your prescription ,,you have to wait till tomorrow ,, i told him ,, i was boiling mad this had never happen before , fill my prescription , he said , if i fill your prescription today ,, i loose my job ..

i took my prescription went to wall mart and had it filled right away , after the last incident i was ready to change pharmacys , i had it , with those idiots working for walgreens , but i thought one more time i want to see who is working there on the 4th of february . i walked in , a black pharmathyst took my prescription , mr, smith .. i told him what had happen , and he told me , this will never happen when i am on duty.. he ask me some questions .

i ask him some questions , and in 20 minutes i was out of there . mr, smith a black pharmathyst . i am white , the best and nicest pharmathyst , i met in there , the rest white .and calling themselfs pharmathysts should get fired , and never find another job in any pharmacy . i could have sued that *** bag .

last month , out of spite he let me wait extra 3 hours to fill my prescription .just because i told him . i am not here to answer *** questions ..just fill my prescription ,, besides the 2 hours i had already waited when i handed my prescription to a white woman . every one in that pharmacy should be like mr.

smith , the should be , the costumer has to be treated with respect,, curtecy ,, decency . not like someone coming from the street ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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