Tarpon Springs, Florida

I had always filled my 90 day Tamoxifen prescription at Walmart but decided to give Walgreens a try. What a mistake that was.

Walmart charges $24 for 90 day supply of 20 mg pills. Walgreens cried to charge $199. That's over 8 times as much.

I told the pharmacist what Walmart charged and she told me that I must be mistaken.

So I had the script transferred to Walmart and paid $24 for the same 90 pills when I picked it up. Shame on Walgreens for abusing the trust of its customers and taking advantage of people who must take certain prescriptions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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Every one knows walgreens charges the highest price on persriptions.This is common knowledge.Always shop around no matter what you buy.


Did you know that some grocery stores charge more for milk, eggs and bread than other grocery stores?! My god, it's like we live in a free market capitalist society and people can charge what they want!


funny anonymous free MARKET you say. milk, eggs bread cost 8 times the amount REALLY WHERE????

NO one would buy milk for 40.00 DOLLARS A GALLON and very quickly they would go out of BUSINESS. BUT charging 8 TIME THE ammount for CANCER MEDICATIONS another story screw the sick and dying FREE MARKET wait until it is your turn 8 TIME THE AMOUNT for what ever you need to try and survive!


It has been cheaper at walmart paying cash for years. Walgreens ripes off cancer patients!! They figure how much time do you have to do research between radiation and treatments


did you try to find out if that was for the generic or the brand name prescription you were getting? I've seen huge differences even at the same drugstore between brand name & generic.

I don't recall the exact price anymore but I had a small prescription for pain for 20 vicodin and the pharmacist told me how much it'd be I was like well is that for vic? or the generic? the generic which I was told is hydrocodone (I think that's what it was anyways) was about 1/4th the price. I should have paid the full price though as the generic did nothing for me.

after it ran out I got another one for another 20 and this time paid for the vicodin not generic and they worked 100x better.

not sure if this is what happened with you but you might want to find out all the same. if not that is a huge problem then in price difference.