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Last year I paid for my sons medication because of a high deductible at store #10858 in Lafayette Indiana and was told by the store my credit card would not stay on file. On 1/27/14 while looking at my bank statement I saw a charge to Walgreens, Lafayette IN for $72.96.

I called asked what it was about found out my sons came in for refile with his new insurance card and had them run it for his refile and somehow tehy ran my card simple fix right... wrong... I have called three time now over a two week period and have been told three different stories of how this happened and the first of the three I believe. While running his card they also tried to update his account at the same time, said this happens sometimes and for some reason the old card on file is the one that is charged so sorry and they will refund.

Well that still has not happened.

Now I'm told they are unable to refund my card till my son (who lives in anther town and works 3rd shift) comes in with his card (which is the new card on file) before they will refund me. I explained I did not give authorization for them to refund my card and they need to refund which they still refuse to do.

Monetary Loss: $73.

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All that would do is get her son in trouble, right? Because they charged your card with his or your permission. Who gave them your cc #?


Walgreen's has something called "Express Pay" where a person's CC is stored on their prescription account and when they come to pick up a prescription they are asked, "do you want to pay with your express pay" and that would be the CC on file. So your son had to have said "YES" and if he didn't know what they meant by express pay they would have told him and could even tell him the last 4 digits of the card on file and expiration date, and he would have had to say "YES" to this charge.

So your SON was the one who picked it up and authorized the charge. If you gave Walgreen's your CC# to cover your son's RX and you weren't present, the only way they could do that is to store it as an "Express Pay" option and then YOU would have to call or your son to remove the credit card from his file.

Because he already had his prescription, he should have just paid you back and then removed the credit card from his file, problem solved. Of course they can't refund for a RX already taken from the store without another form of payment.


Brain surgeon that obviously works at WALGREENS!! How about WALGREENS just charged what they had on file and never asked the CUSTOMER ANYTHING?????????

Happens everyday!!!!!

disbute the charges as others have said to do. You credit card company will remove the charges!!


your son needs to pay for his meds before they will give a refund. someone has to pay and if you let your son use your credit card.

then really it is your sons fault and not walgreens. be pissed at him for taking advantage of you.


Wow....really quick to rude.


Anonymous, seems Walgrrens is playing God with a lot of people & a lot of different issues, from Refusing to fill med's in which they're in business to do, they tell Dr's how to do there jobs & they are suing them, charge diff family members in same home, diff amount on Same med, now you're bring to notation them taking liberty to chrg your c/c, you only gave approval first a one time use, if you call your c/c company tell them the chrg WASN'T authorized & tell them it's a fraudulant chrg, caus it was a 1 time only approval & they continue to bill your card, the c/c company should gladly assist you in your refubd & they will handle Walgreens, maybe do as I've done, everyone I know I tell not to spend 1 oenny in Walgreen's they need to be OUT of BUSINES$; if we all team together it hopfuly will happen, also the Naples Fl person, seems to be sitting round making Rude comments to a lot of diff postings,I've seen them on diff ones... just disregard such shallow types, good luck to you & do have a blessed & good day


call your credit card company and PUT THE CHARGE IN DISBUTE!! They can not use your card without your APPROVAL!!

You hold the power they have to ACTUALLY DO SOME WORK for an ERROR they created!!