Sugar Grove, Illinois
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I am always overcharged for items. I constantly have to correct the clerks about the prices.

They price the stuff, so bill customers the price you advertise, not more. The employees are buffoons. Even the manager as she got defensive when I questioned the charges. No customer service skills, management skills, just negative responses like they don't have time.

Well listen up sweetie, "if you don't like your job, then quit"! I also have trouble with the pharmacy. They know how to fill them, they just push back their coupon policy where you get a gift card when you transfer a prescription. The pharmacy technician wannabe made up some story about the number of required refills needed.

A bunch of baloney. It wasn't worth the trouble so I told Cookie that I would have the prescription transferred back to Jewel-Osco pharmacy across the street which I later did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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I'm sure it was a great loss to the company that you left, lol. :grin :roll


You must be 8 years old to call people buffoons. I think the employees at Walgreens are relived. Just feel sorry for those at Jewel_Osco having to deal with you and your attitude.


Customers that act like a raging *** are never right, 'cookie'. ;)


As a former Walgreens employee, I must say that you have no idea what you're talking about. Almost every Walgreens employee has taken a $5/hour paycut this past year.

Many others have lost their jobs.

If you want a resolution, contact corporate, but please don't mention anyone's name. Just imagine if you were in their shoes "cookie".


Well said! ,)


I don't think you'll be missed much. I swear these companies only come up with their programs to get rid of the *** customers to their competition.


Walgreens is terrible but they have GOOD COUPONS AND GOOD rewards card. when they have a 20 % off everthing you buy and have stuff buy one get one they are great deals other then that it is just not worth the TROUBle.

NEVER SHOP instore online ONLY. Would never have a Medication filled at walgreens.

DON'T BELEIVE THE PHARMACY is run well at all. Big box just doesn't cut it where my HEALTH is concerned!!


wow, you have to be one of the most rudest people or just plain dumb. but then again, if all of us are agreeing that your rude but you dont then your in the right, lmfao.

grow up and start treating others with compassion and maybe you might get it back. i sincerely hope you dont have children that you teach to act like this


Well listen up sweetie, if you don't like Walgreens, go elsewhere!


Wagreens hires the low of the low. These are the people that can't get a job any other place.

No long term employees high turnover. Bad business practices. All around. the pharmacist hate what they do and hate the fact that they are in dead end jobs.

No possible growth potential.


Lol...You must be stuck in your own minumum wage he// and find comfort in criticizing those what doctorate degrees. Think what you want but I myself am comfortable with my 6 figure salary from Walgreens. Take care!


I am glad to see a pharmacist or someone claiming to be a pharmacist on looking at all the issue that customers and employees are having. Do you really believe you have growth potential at WAGS?

Do you really think that they are not using you until you are tired of the LONG WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS WORKING and they will not bring in a NEW GRAD willing to do all those things that you are no longer wanting to do.

This company only cares about one thing THE BOTTOM line, Not your bottom line, THEY WILL ONLY PAY you want they need to KEEP YOU as long as they need you. They BANG you are gone save save save


Sounds like someone is tired of F4ing. lol.


If you are talking about them not honoring the prices in their ads, you must be missing the fact that right in their ads, by each item, it states that the sale price is only good with their rewards card. Well honey, you are being awfully condescending by referring to the employees as Sweetie and Cookie.

It wouldn't be so bad if you were referring to them out of kindness, instead of being snotty. Then you call the pharmacy technician a wannabe.

Maybe if you would go in with a better attitude, you would be treated better.


Hi Sugar Pie Honey & Oats,

My attitude is great, and never changed. The customer is always right, so it doesn't matter how I am or was. Don't you forget that, Dolly.


In this day and age the customer is NOT always right. This method instilled to make the customer feel taken care of have, over time, turned into trying to cheat the system and screaming hissy fits until they get what they want from those who still try to honor this ideal.

I'm not saying there wasn't pricing issues but I wouldn't be surprised if details weren't blurred or mutated into making this story sound more horrendous than it really is.

Should they correct mistakes and try to remedy the situation?

Absolutely. But don't just say "RAWR I'M RIGHT AND YOU SUCK FOR NOT TREATING ME LIKE I'M BETTER THAN YOU BECAUSE BEING ON THAT SIDE OF THE COUNTER MEANS YOU'RE LESS THAN A HUMAN BEING!" Its attitudes like that that cause workers to hate people and not want to help you out because they can't even get a bit of civility.


See, the problem with these companies is they screw over the quiet nice people and kiss the butts of condescending jerks. Walgreens, Walmart, all of them reward bad behavior like you've demonstrated.

In any case, I'm sure they are just as glad to have you gone as you were glad to transfer. Some people don't deserve good service. Period.

It's a privilege, not an entitlement. Get that through your head, Dahling.