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I picked up my prescription last night only to find that it cost $25 more. Walgreen's changed manufactures and didn't notify me of the change.

My insurance will not cover the cost because I can get the drug elsewhere for less. When I got home the drug looked different, I was not notified of the change in color and thought I had the wrong drug. Walgreen's pharmacy lied to me and told me my insurance deductible had changed, and that was the reason for the increase.

BCBS said it was simply the pharmacy's choice of manufacturer that increased the cost. It's nice that Walgreen's has started a campaign for free flu shots around the world...just too bad they are turning the cost around on their customers to pay for it.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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They wanted to make a killing on you. Don't listen tot these *** that are saying that they do not know what other competitors sell the SAME DRUG for THEY DO!!

They have entire teams trying to get the most out of EACH DRUG YOU buy. If you have been getting all your MEDS through them what is the odds of you SHOPPING AROUND.

So believe me they know exactly what they are doing. They expect you to PAY WHATEVER HEY ASK FOR!!

Henderson, Nevada, United States #723092

I went to a Walgreens, one of the preferred pharmacies formy drug plan. My RX was for a drug that my insurance didn't cover. I was quoted $216 for a 30 day supply. I refused and went home to check prices on the web.

Costco sells the same drug with 30 day supply for $16.60.

When I returned and asked Walgreens why the big difference in price, the clerk snapped at me and said "well, if you can get it cheaper at Costco, then go there".

That was the last time I've been in a Walgreens.


Certain insurance plans have "preferred" pharmacies for you to use. Generally mail-order is the cheapest option, but some have varying retail prices depending on where you go.

That is something you would have to look at when you receive your packet describing your prescription coverage each year. Or you could contact your insurance and they would tell you. I don't know why you would expect pharmacists to know what the copays are for different insurance plans at different pharmacies.

The choice of manufacturer would have no impact on your insurance copay, so long as both are still generic formulations. The only way it would be more expensive is if you went from generic to brand formulation.

to Anonymous #723114

I have been getting the same generic drug for 10 years. I have the same insurance, with the same deductible, which I have not met, but had not met the last 3 times I picked up my med this year.

Per Walmart the drug cost has NOT gone up. BCBS says there is no reason I should have paid more for the drug than I have all year. Walgreens ripped me off...plain and simple. On top of that they lied and were extremely rude.

In fact they told me I could not get a quote from another pharmacy because that was fraud...ridiculous. They are taking advantage of people, and they know it.

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