Gretna, Louisiana

I've purchased Walgreen's chocolte covered rasins before and they were--not as big as Raisettes brand butI was satisfied with your brand and havenjoyed them. However the I purchased the last time left me very disappointed.

I hope this is not a change in the quality of your products. The bar code # is 4902245661 7. The item # 280217. I would appreciate your response on this matter. My E mail address is by mail:

. Jacqueline Jennings

55 Parlange Dr.

Destrehan La 70047

P.S.Chocolate covered raisins are my favorite kind of candy.Thank you

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You put your address on a website. A random-*** website.

You know, Walgreens have its own website, and an 800 number (1-800-walgreens).

Corporate is not spending their time reading random-*** websites so that they can waste their time on customer complaints about the size of a $0.99 bag of candy. Don't put your address on any website, dummy.


what do you expect for 49 cents


Wow Jaqueline. If you dont like your cheap candy then either spend the money on the better stuff or decide that what you got was good enough for the price.

You get what you pay for.

And by the way...

Your complaint is SO petty and childish don't ever expect anyone from walgreens to address it. That's crazy.

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