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When today to walgreens to refill my meds and they tried saying it was to early. I have to wait intill the 19th but im out of the my meds and need them today they wouldn't even help me I asked what do I do.

them I said do I call the my provider a employee that wasn't even helping me said you heard her the 19th well im here to tell you all I called my provider and they said they going to call and fill my meds and that Walgreens should have check with them. Before saying they cant fill them. rude employees are bad business and I don't like being treated like a p.o.s not like I was asking a hard question either I saying for help to see what I have to do. Maybe I should call a supervisor now too.

This stuff should not happen and if they don't like their job them fined another other person would love to have that job. thanks looking

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I used to work at one and all the pharamacists had perscription drugs actually a pretty large amount like morphine nasel spray just for stress headaches.also when the drug reps would come in the pharmacist would have 2 large paper bags full of perscription drugs to take home and most were pain drugs.


I know plenty of pharmacist that have DRUGS (PRESCRIPTION ONLY) at home/in pocketbooks and hand them out regulerly to friends and families.


It's not Walgreen's fault if you used up all your meds too early :upset . My suggestion is to take them as directed by your Physician.

I also suggest you call your doctor who is the one who sets these limits. Also, proper punctuation and grammar speak volumes.

:roll Something to remember when you're attempting to write an intelligently worded whiney post. :cry


You are probably a pharmacist who t honks your a doctor. Go back to school, you wanna be. Show some compassion.


Yet another pain meds complaint. Pharmacies have to follow rules.

Especially those regarding pain meds. If you are running out of a month supply too soon, then you are not taking as prescribed.


So true! :p