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I arrived to the Walgreens located at 6 McLean ave around 5:55. I picked up a few items for purchase and arrived to the photo section by 6pm.

At that time there was a couple waiting for passport pictures. A gentleman at the register came over to assist us after a couple of minutes waiting. When he came over he began to help the couple who was there as they arrived first. He attempted at least 3x to take the pp picture but was unsuccessful due to the womans face dimension.

I asked if he could give me my pictures since I thought they were ready. He asked me to give him a min and he would help me soon. I waited again because I knew I arrived after the couple. After a couple of more attempts he could not print the couples passport picture.

He then began to assist me. He looked in several spots and could not locate my pictures. He said that happens sometimes. I showed him my email confirmation that the pictures were ready for pick up.

He looked some more but could not find them. He said they needed to be printed. He said to give him a few minutes while he finished with the couple. He then called the manager as he was unable to help them.

The manager came over and he explained to Victoria, their situation and mine. She asked me to give her a minute. At that point the gentleman returned to the register to help other customers without helping me as he stated he would do. Now its 6:38 and I am still waiting to be assisted.

The manager asked for my info once again. I explained he did all of that and the pictures were nowhere to be found. She continue to look and after several minutes she told me she couldnt locate the pictures. I asked if she could print them since thats what her employee said he was going to do and she said no.

Instead she said I had to reorder the pictures in order for them to print them. I know that was not true since the other gentleman was willing to print them. He even confirmed how many pictures and the size. Victoria was very unprofessional.

She wasnt apologetic for Walgreens error on sending me an email to pick up pictures when they werent ready. She was very unprofessional. Never looked up at me. And when I stated I would make a complaint she said go ahead call whoever you want.

I am extremely disappointed in their employees behavior. Victoria needs more training on customer service and time management skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 6 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10705

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Specifically What do you mean by time management skills training? According to you, what should Victoria have done?